New Shoes!

Driving home from the 8k on Sunday Jen and I were lamenting about the days when A would get the 50% off coupons to the Adidas store. I’ve been wanting new shoes because my hips have been killing me after each run. A few hours later, while watching the World Cup final with a friend, she mentioned having a 50% of coupon to Adidas that she could forward on. How convenient! So Jen and I wandered up to the Adidas store, which was an absolute madhouse, but even in the chaos I found this fabulous pair of shoes

Jen thinks the bottoms look like teeth

They’re great. They’re a bit hardcore looking because they’re for trail running but they were the best option for support and comfort. Plus, they have a mud flap/launching pad off the heel, which is just fun to have. I took them for a 3 mile spin today, and hardly any hip pain! My right hip did start to ache near the end but I think that’s more from the overenthusiastic Jackass who flung himself through the air and landed on on my hip during futsal a few weeks go. You were going to get the ball if you just went straight up for the header dude, you were at least 6 inches taller than me.

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