Random Running Ramblings

I ran 4 miles yesterday, which is not the most impressive statement ever, but it was a good 4 miles, the first time I’ve made it 4 miles and felt good. I even did some Pilates afterwards (thank you Netflix). It was 4 miles full of my mind wandering off thinking about ridiculous things instead of focusing on my hips hurting, or how far I had left. I also had the nice distraction of running past someone I went on a date with a bit ago and then didn’t speak to again. Not sure if he recognized me, it took me a second to place him, then I instinctively ducked my head and ran faster, then spent the next mile debating whether I should have stopped or not. Then half a mile after that I noticed a fig tree just like the one in Jen’s yard and spent the next 3/4 mile day dreaming about the amazing fig fest that will happen in August. Then I was almost home! A very enjoyable 4 miles!

That 4 miles is a vast improvement of the 7 I did this past weekend. The first 3.5 was pretty good, then I turned around and headed back to Sellwood from OMSI and all of a sudden it was hot. It’s been so long since we’ve seen the sun for longer than a 5 minute cloud break here in Portland that I was a bit confused. But 3.5 miles of running in direct sunlight quickly got me reacquainted with the bright yellow blob in the sky and made me think about getting one of those silly looking water bottle/fanny pack things. It also makes it the second year in a row of getting sunburned while doing something for CCA, which is really just ridiculous. (Last year it was volunteering at a charity golf tournament and sitting in the sun at one of the holes for 5 hours. I looked like a lobster.) I have had some interesting experiences while running along the Springwater Corridor. During the first half of the  7 I got passed by an older lady in one of those electric scooters and then saw her pull over and start to set up her umbrella next to a bench over looking the river, which I thought was pretty cute. On my way back I heard someone yelling. Turned out to be the older woman who was reading her bible out loud to the river. Make that SCREAMING the bible out loud. Which was slightly less odd than the guy I passed a few days before who must of been tripping on something because he was yelling at something/someone only he could see. Then he started to violently empty the contents of the bag he had with him, which included a beer can that cracked open and started spinning in circles while shooting beer everywhere. Ah Portland, you keep me on my toes.

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