Week Recap

Well, my goal of posting everyday to every other day lasted exactly 5 posts, so here are the highlights of the last week. I got to spend a lovely evening with my kiddo and her family which was full of warmth and smiles.

This weekend I went up to Seattle to see one of my best friends, Gina.  Gina is training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October. At the end of the course she’ll greeted by a fireman holding Tiffany’s necklace. Good choice Gina. She was scheduled to do a 5 miles run but I talked her into doing 8 with me. She then proceeded to kick my ass for 8 miles. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve run multiple half and full marathons, 8 miles seems like a piece of cake.

Pre-run non-sweaty faces

We didn’t have the best plan, we started at 11:00 on a very warm and sunny day, and we didn’t bring water. Very bad idea. I got dehydrated pretty quickly and decided I had to get a handheld water bottle. I also should have brought my camera, it was a great photo opportunity for bridge lifts. We got stuck on the Ballard Bridge for a good 10 minutes and saw the Fremont Bridge lift as well.

Not taken while running, but conveniently it was lifting again as we were driving

I had an ok run, but my hips were killing me for most of it. If any one has remedies for hip pain, it would be much appreciated! Afterwards Gina and I spent some time sprawled out on Dan’s floor trying to stop sweating, and then ate our way through the rest of the day, including these goodies:

Awesome cupcake model

Today we took a trip to Super Jock and Jill to get a few necessities.

The book is from Powells, I may be becoming a bit obsessed with running.

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