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Making Friends

I went and did a track workout with the Portland Triathlon Club today!

Photo courtesy of Portland Parks and Rec, I forgot to take my own picture

I have a goal for next year of doing a triathlon so I thought it would be good to make some tri friends. It’s been a few 8 years since I’ve done a track workout but I think it went well. I may have been the slowest one there but it felt good get my legs moving a bit faster than I normally do. It was a small group of people but they said some regulars did Ironman Canada this past weekend so hopefully next week there will be more people. Also, don’t be surprised if my mug ends up on their website, someone was there taking pictures and I somehow ended up in the group shot. I felt sort of like a party crasher!

On another high note, I ran 75 miles this month! This is by far a personal high.


I know there’s one more day in August but tomorrow evening I’m going to spend with my kiddo and that definitely takes precedent over running. And it’s way more fun.

The Last Long Run of Training!

12 miles √! After two days in a row of attempting to get up early and run before work, I successfully got my butt out of bed this morning and got on the road by 8:00 (I’m not a morning person). The first 6 miles were great. I was a little worried about bumping into some Hood to Coast runners but they were nowhere to be found and the waterfront was really quite, and it was a beautiful morning.

A good morning to be rowing

Miles 7-9 weren’t so great. My muscles started to cramp and my knee started to hurt, which never happens. Somehow I have escaped playing soccer since I was 8 with no lasting knee damage so I was a bit surprised and concerned that it started hurting. Things got better around mile 9 1/2 and the last few miles were pretty good. I was even able to make it up the hill on 45th Ave without feeling like I was going to keel over!

Bad cell phone picture, but it's a big hill!

This run was much improved over my last long run, I was able to do 12 miles in just 2 minutes longer than I did 11 miles. Yay, improvement! I then rewarded myself with some biscuits and gravy which I should have gotten a picture of but I devoured them in record speed.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks until the race, can’t wait!

Just Can’t Get Enough

I read a lot of runners blogs, and used to wonder why most of them talk about food all the time. I have since figured it out. Runners are hungry ALL the time. So now I will do a whole post on what I’ve been stuffing my face with the last few weeks.

Before I started training, when I would wake up in the last thing I wanted was to eat for a few hours, but now my major goal from the moment I wake up it to get one of these in my belly as fast as I can

The more cream cheese the better

After that it’s all about the carbs:

I have the fanciest dinner table
Mmm, cheese
Fantastic sandwich from a cart. I love you Portland
Paleo banana bread
Finished product
Here's looking at you kid
Best scallion pancakes in town
Only took 6 years to find good Chinese food in Portland
How cute is my mother? She's super excited about the good Chinese food find too

This is just a small sampling of food that I have demolished, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I think I’m going to have to keep running after the half just so I can continue eating like this without repercussions!

I’ve also learned that the one song that consistently gets my feet moving faster is Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode. In distant second is Sexyback by JT… No judging my musical tastes please, general music listening and running listening are two completely different ballgames… I may also have some Lady Gaga on my ipod right now too…

Burn It Up 5k!

Yesterday Jen and I drove out to Banks, OR to participate in the 2nd annual Burn It Up 5k.

It was such a cute little race! The only thing I don’t like about races is that they’re so early. Yes, it does mean you beat the heat but early and me are not the best of friends.

On the way to the race, the smile is fake energy

There was maybe 50 people who participated in the 10K/5K

The starting line

It was a nice loop through Banks, which is a quaint little town.

Main Street
City Hall

The course led us out along a country road which meant the cheerleaders were dogs

Summer has finally started in Portland (only a few months late…) so we were greeted with this view on our way back into town

On our way out of town, don't we look tall

Nicole and her mom came out to cheer us on, thank you ladies!

Jen did an awesome job in the her first race! It was also really fun running with someone, so any friends that want to go for a run, you know where to find me!

Crossing the finish line!

All in all, it was a great time! Much better than the 11 miles I did this morning, but more on that later. Congratulations to Jen on completing her first race!


That was like Rocky and Apollo both took a shot

It’s been an interesting week with a lot of highs and lows, so I think the best way to recap it is in 3 classic categories; the good, the bad, and the ugly with a bonus things I’m looking forward to this weekend. Here it goes:

The Good

Reaching $1,000!!!!!!!!!!

Managing to roll my butt out of bed at 6:15am (15 minutes before my alarm) Thursday morning to cross train with some swimming

An awesome OHSU volunteer interview

My hips feeling better after a few rest days

A fun Chemo Pal monthly meeting

DP and the boys being exceptionally hilarious today (watch today’s Box Score show, specifically at 11:45 for the title of this post reference, and 23:50 for Fritzy rapping.)

2 days in a row of 2-a-day bagels

The Bad

Well, you read about Monday

Tuesday was a little better than Monday, but not really that awesome

My hips really hurting during my runs

The Thursday 10:30am energy crash after getting up early to go swimming

Running in the heat, it might be time to get a wrist band to combat sweat in the eyes (yeah, I know I’m pretty)

The Ugly

Mouse Attack 2011. I get to spend my Friday night preparing and then going into battle. At least I have the cat on my side for once.

Make no mistakes, she is a cold blooded mouse killer and that is A-ok in my book

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend

The Burn It Up 5K with Jen

Fig Fest 2011

The best figs in town

11 mile long run on Sunday

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks until race time!


$1,000 Reached!!!


Thanks to all of your wonderful help I just reached my goal of raising $1,000 for the Children’s Cancer Association! Fittingly, my best friend who I’ve know since 3rd grade put me over the top but it also wouldn’t have been possible without all the other donations from my amazing friends and family. Thank you so much everyone!!!

Some Days You Just Need a Piece of Chocolate to Feel Better

I thought about not posting today since I’ve been in such a pissy mood all day and the rest of my posts have been so cheery, but then I remembered my amazing friend Leslie’s blog post that was written with such honesty that I thought I would share a different side of myself today.

I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed this morning. And it wasn’t just your run of the mill case of the Mondays, I was pissed from the get go. At what? you ask. Anything and everything and nothing all at the same time. I swore multiple times at the shower head since it can’t keep a consistent temperature. I was so wrapped up in my head that I forgot my headphones and my lunch. I was annoyed with every person I passed on my walk to work, even if they were on the other side of the street. I had to quickly run to the store and get another pair of headphones so I could bury myself in my corner with Dan Patrick and the Danettes (didn’t have me pegged as the type that listens to sports radio, did you?) and keep myself from snapping at my coworkers.

Finally it came time to escape the office and I was looking forward to my run in hopes of clearing my head and getting out of this funk. My run only made me even more funky, and not in a good way. Within the first few steps I knew it wasn’t going to be the run that I had hoped for. My legs felt heavy and every step was painful. First it was my hips, and then my calves, then my ankles, the my foot because I was favoring one hip. My state of mind wasn’t helping either. The father into the run I got the angrier I got. It ranged from running things to life things. Here’s a small list of things that made me mad today (I do not claim that all of these things are sane and/or logical things to get mad about, but sometimes that doesn’t matter):

How much pain my legs were in

The music I put on my ipod (no more listening to Paradise by the Dashboard Light while running, must get some (awesomely) bad pop music)

The headphone cord that is so long it hits my leg

My mile pace being slower than I wanted it to be but having no energy to go faster

The cotton tank top that I usually run in that stretches out and soaks up sweat but not being able to afford a fancy wicking shirt

The bikers passing me on the trail with about 6 inches (maybe a slight exaggeration, probably a foot) of space even if there was no one coming the other way, at least warn me that you’re next to me

Needing to choose between my 2 awesome soccer teams because playing with both isn’t affordable

The girl running in just a sports bra with amazing abs

That my interview to volunteer in the ER at Doernbacher for this morning was rescheduled

That my amazing kiddo and her wonderful family have to battle through such a horrible thing as cancer

That nursing school seems so far away

That when I engage in physical activity my face turns so red it matches my hair color

These are not the thoughts that you want rumbling around your head while trying to get through a tough run. I had to force myself to take a step back and allow myself to have an off day. What started off as a crappy summer, getting dumped 2 days after my last final of spring quarter, has turned into one of the best summers I’ve had. It has helped that it’s been full of great people and fun adventures, but the best part of it has been the internal peace and happiness I’ve found. Two weeks after the break up, after a fair amount of wallowing, I was surprised to find how relaxed I was with life. My anxiety is at an all time low and my confidence at an all time high.

I’m happy with the person I’ve become but it bummed me out to be in such a crabby mood today. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s to love the little things. As Jen, who also ran, and I talked about our time and our goals for running I consoled myself with the fact that even though my run felt slow it was still 2 minuted faster than my last 5 mile run. We then went to Fred Meyer where I found a running shirt that was on sale and had a coupon that friend so kindly sent me, making the lovely purple shirt affordable. Then it was off to a goodbye dinner for Leslie, and even though I’m sad to see her go after two too short weeks I’m excited for her to start a new adventure in her life and that we got to spend some wonderful time together. There was the moment of Jen laughing so hard she was crying at the Cars band aids that were a present that made my mood lighten a bit.

There was reading through my email from a couple of days ago from my kiddo’s mom, saying my kiddo was asking to go to the hospital so see could see me that brought tears to my eyes. There was my amazingly sweet mom going to the store to get me bagels and cream cheese so I’ll have breakfast all week. There was my best friend leaving a note on Facebook about how much see misses me. And there was the bar of Theo chocolate. Gina told me earlier to eat a piece of chocolate to feel better, and even though I’ve had multiple pieces today, another piece? Don’t mind if I do.

Happiness in chocolate form

Camping on the Run

Note to self, leaving Portland at 2:00pm on a Friday and heading north means you will hit traffic, a lot of traffic. What should have been a 4 hours drive became 5 1/2 hours because of traffic in Tacoma (I hate you Tacoma, you have the worst traffic in the NW) but we eventually we made it to Lake Easton State Park for a weekend of camping!

Lake Easton

But before I could thoroughly enjoy the camping experience I had to get in a 10 mile run (first double digit run ever) without wandering too far from the campground but not running in circles (I get bored easily). My route looked like this:

Looping around Easton, WA

I had company, Jimbo, for the first 6 miles

and beautiful scenery

As pretty as it was, it was a tough run. It was hot and dusty and the last 3 miles went very slowly.

Sweaty face a mile 9 1/2

If I looks like I’m lacking a shirt, I was. I did my first belly baring run! I think I may have blinded some drivers as I ran over I-90, sorry about that drivers!

There’s only one way to spend the rest of the day after running 10 miles and it involves one of these,

a pair of sunglasses, and some SPF 70 because yes, I am that white.

Rudy tried to gather all the floaties

Jimbo gave me some great tips during our run which I think will be very helpful. Yay for a new week of running to try some things out!

Game Night

How is it that the one Thursday of the entire year I will be in Chicago Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me will be taping in Portland?! That’s just really unfair. I guess it means that I’ll be visiting again next year, I must see Wait Wait live once!

30 days until the race! A giant thank you to everyone who helped me achieve and surpass my 7 day goal of reaching $750, which got left in the dust on the way to $863.11! That means only $136.89 left to go with 30 days to go. So click donate at the top of the page and get in on the donate fest!

My run tonight did not go well. It went from a planned 4 miles to an actual 1.2 miles of gentle jogging but after a hard run and 2 soccer games this week my legs didn’t have a lot left. So instead it became a different kind of game night.

Ladies night!

Learning not to be grumpy with myself if I don’t get all my mileage done has been a bit difficult but I have to remember I’m no young spring chicken anymore and my body needs it rest. So now it’s time to chill out with some lovely ladies and games.

Chemo Pal Day

It’s Chemo Pal day!

Got my trusty toy bag and purple shirt

My kiddo had an appointment this morning, and even though it was sandwiched between getting yelled at by a bus driver and wandering around Chinatown trying to find where my department went to lunch since no one would answer their phone (you guys were trying to ditch me, weren’t you?!), it was an awesome day. My kiddo is one tough cookie, it just amazes me how well she does at appointments. She will not be fooled, she knows when the doctor has the stethoscope to her chest she’s listening to her heart. We played hot potato with two inflated purple gloves, and heads or tails with a penny with her mom. She then spent some time inspecting the items in my purse, which is her all time favorite activity. Who knew a wallet and keys could be so exciting? My wallet now has a police car sticker on it.  It was good fun.

Now that I’ve got you all buttered up talking about my kiddo I’ll throw in a fundraising update: only $176.89 left to go!!! A giant thank you to everyone who helped get this far! Now don’t miss you chance to be part of the donating fun, you don’t want to be left out of the amazing group of people who have donated!

I finally got a watch for when I run (thanks for letting me borrow it Jen!). Funny how much faster you move when you’re aware of how slow you’re going… I averaged a 9:00 mile which is more than a minute under goal pace for the race, so maybe I won’t be the last one crossing the finish line in Chicago! I’ve gotten to the point where I kind of miss running on the days I don’t run… who am I turning into?…