First off, a HUGE thank you everyone who has donated to my goal so far! Today $348.11 was reached, only $651.89 to go! So before you read the rest of this post head on over to my fundraising page and join the amazing people who have already donated. Remember, it’s for an absolutely wonderful cause! And for those who do donate, next time I see you I will do my impression of my kiddo saying huge, it’s quite delightful.

Alright, I’m guessing you got the point, so I’ll talking about running. I went for a 4 mile run last night from my mom’s house, which is awesome because you can go in multiple directions and still be on flat ground. Since Chicago is unbelievably flat, the biggest hill is the overpass at the turn around which isn’t much of a hill since the road sort of dips under it, I don’t feel so bad running an all flat route. I also got to check out Bo’s adorable summer haircut and she gave me a pre-run serenade.

Bo's areodynamic look

After having Gina run circles around me this weekend (really, she did, she’d run up ahead and then circle back to me), I decided I need to approach my mid week runs differently. Not longer can I be slightly afraid of them, I know I can make it through them and feel good the time so there’s no excuse not to attack them. Also a motivating factor, I’ve decided to set a time goal. After some brief consultation with my friend Nick the crazy ultra marathon runner, I’ve come to 2:15 being a reasonable goal, which is a 10:18 mile pace. I’ll get a better idea of what I’m capable of doing once I buy a watch, since right now I’m leaving my phone at home with the stop watch on it going. Not the most accurate way of timing yourself.

With all those thoughts in my head and my fancy new water bottle in my hand, I set off with the goal in mind of pushing myself more than I have on any running during this training. It was a good run, I found that my hips feel better when I’m taking a longer stride and that having water when the sun is glaring down on you really helps. I also think I cut about 2-3:00ish minutes off my not so accurately timed pace. My next goal this week is to run in the morning before work. I can hear all of you snickering out there, and I make no promises, but there will be a valiant effort Thursday morning! Well, maybe just some effort…

One more thing about running, while it’s made me incredibly hungry all the time, which, if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes with me in the last few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard about, it also makes me quite forgetful. I didn’t realize until this morning that I forgot to listen to music on my run last night. I forgot my lunch on the counter this morning and had to have my roommate grab it. And, last night I almost walked out of my house without a shirt on. Really, I had my hand on the doorknob thinking ‘what am I forgetting? Oh right, I’m half naked’.


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