Breakfast of Champions

Fund raising update: half way to $1,000! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! With 35 days until the race I’m confident that with your help I can reach my goal. So go check out my fund raising page and see the donation thermometer (is that what it’s called?) that is 50% and help it keep climbing!

All the running I’ve been doing finally came together at soccer last night. I wasn’t feeling the need to sub every 2 minutes and still had the lung power to yell very, very loudly. Just ask my teammates, very loudly.

Today it was my long run, 9 miles. It was much improved over my last few long runs. Jen joined me for a mile and a half of it which was a great distraction. She’s training for a 5k that we’re going to do together in 2 weeks and she’s making great progress!

Having the last of the 9 miles be a 150ft hill was quite the way to end the run, but I made a deal with my legs that if we run the hills we could walk the flats. We called it the RHWF (Run Hills Walk Flats) game. I think my legs may refuse to play games with me after this. I did reward them with a breakfast of champions


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