Chemo Pal Day

It’s Chemo Pal day!

Got my trusty toy bag and purple shirt

My kiddo had an appointment this morning, and even though it was sandwiched between getting yelled at by a bus driver and wandering around Chinatown trying to find where my department went to lunch since no one would answer their phone (you guys were trying to ditch me, weren’t you?!), it was an awesome day. My kiddo is one tough cookie, it just amazes me how well she does at appointments. She will not be fooled, she knows when the doctor has the stethoscope to her chest she’s listening to her heart. We played hot potato with two inflated purple gloves, and heads or tails with a penny with her mom. She then spent some time inspecting the items in my purse, which is her all time favorite activity. Who knew a wallet and keys could be so exciting? My wallet now has a police car sticker on it.  It was good fun.

Now that I’ve got you all buttered up talking about my kiddo I’ll throw in a fundraising update: only $176.89 left to go!!! A giant thank you to everyone who helped get this far! Now don’t miss you chance to be part of the donating fun, you don’t want to be left out of the amazing group of people who have donated!

I finally got a watch for when I run (thanks for letting me borrow it Jen!). Funny how much faster you move when you’re aware of how slow you’re going… I averaged a 9:00 mile which is more than a minute under goal pace for the race, so maybe I won’t be the last one crossing the finish line in Chicago! I’ve gotten to the point where I kind of miss running on the days I don’t run… who am I turning into?…


One thought on “Chemo Pal Day

  1. Seriously? Who are you turning into…I’m very impressed, Maddy, by your initiative and passion. It’s great to see you thriving like you are. Hooray for running, for playing and laughing. Oh, and keep rockin’ the time.

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