Game Night

How is it that the one Thursday of the entire year I will be in Chicago Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me will be taping in Portland?! That’s just really unfair. I guess it means that I’ll be visiting again next year, I must see Wait Wait live once!

30 days until the race! A giant thank you to everyone who helped me achieve and surpass my 7 day goal of reaching $750, which got left in the dust on the way to $863.11! That means only $136.89 left to go with 30 days to go. So click donate at the top of the page and get in on the donate fest!

My run tonight did not go well. It went from a planned 4 miles to an actual 1.2 miles of gentle jogging but after a hard run and 2 soccer games this week my legs didn’t have a lot left. So instead it became a different kind of game night.

Ladies night!

Learning not to be grumpy with myself if I don’t get all my mileage done has been a bit difficult but I have to remember I’m no young spring chicken anymore and my body needs it rest. So now it’s time to chill out with some lovely ladies and games.


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