Camping on the Run

Note to self, leaving Portland at 2:00pm on a Friday and heading north means you will hit traffic, a lot of traffic. What should have been a 4 hours drive became 5 1/2 hours because of traffic in Tacoma (I hate you Tacoma, you have the worst traffic in the NW) but we eventually we made it to Lake Easton State Park for a weekend of camping!

Lake Easton

But before I could thoroughly enjoy the camping experience I had to get in a 10 mile run (first double digit run ever) without wandering too far from the campground but not running in circles (I get bored easily). My route looked like this:

Looping around Easton, WA

I had company, Jimbo, for the first 6 miles

and beautiful scenery

As pretty as it was, it was a tough run. It was hot and dusty and the last 3 miles went very slowly.

Sweaty face a mile 9 1/2

If I looks like I’m lacking a shirt, I was. I did my first belly baring run! I think I may have blinded some drivers as I ran over I-90, sorry about that drivers!

There’s only one way to spend the rest of the day after running 10 miles and it involves one of these,

a pair of sunglasses, and some SPF 70 because yes, I am that white.

Rudy tried to gather all the floaties

Jimbo gave me some great tips during our run which I think will be very helpful. Yay for a new week of running to try some things out!


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