That was like Rocky and Apollo both took a shot

It’s been an interesting week with a lot of highs and lows, so I think the best way to recap it is in 3 classic categories; the good, the bad, and the ugly with a bonus things I’m looking forward to this weekend. Here it goes:

The Good

Reaching $1,000!!!!!!!!!!

Managing to roll my butt out of bed at 6:15am (15 minutes before my alarm) Thursday morning to cross train with some swimming

An awesome OHSU volunteer interview

My hips feeling better after a few rest days

A fun Chemo Pal monthly meeting

DP and the boys being exceptionally hilarious today (watch today’s Box Score show, specifically at 11:45 for the title of this post reference, and 23:50 for Fritzy rapping.)

2 days in a row of 2-a-day bagels

The Bad

Well, you read about Monday

Tuesday was a little better than Monday, but not really that awesome

My hips really hurting during my runs

The Thursday 10:30am energy crash after getting up early to go swimming

Running in the heat, it might be time to get a wrist band to combat sweat in the eyes (yeah, I know I’m pretty)

The Ugly

Mouse Attack 2011. I get to spend my Friday night preparing and then going into battle. At least I have the cat on my side for once.

Make no mistakes, she is a cold blooded mouse killer and that is A-ok in my book

Things I’m looking forward to this weekend

The Burn It Up 5K with Jen

Fig Fest 2011

The best figs in town

11 mile long run on Sunday

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks until race time!



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