Just Can’t Get Enough

I read a lot of runners blogs, and used to wonder why most of them talk about food all the time. I have since figured it out. Runners are hungry ALL the time. So now I will do a whole post on what I’ve been stuffing my face with the last few weeks.

Before I started training, when I would wake up in the last thing I wanted was to eat for a few hours, but now my major goal from the moment I wake up it to get one of these in my belly as fast as I can

The more cream cheese the better

After that it’s all about the carbs:

I have the fanciest dinner table
Mmm, cheese
Fantastic sandwich from a cart. I love you Portland
Paleo banana bread
Finished product
Here's looking at you kid
Best scallion pancakes in town
Only took 6 years to find good Chinese food in Portland
How cute is my mother? She's super excited about the good Chinese food find too

This is just a small sampling of food that I have demolished, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I think I’m going to have to keep running after the half just so I can continue eating like this without repercussions!

I’ve also learned that the one song that consistently gets my feet moving faster is Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode. In distant second is Sexyback by JT… No judging my musical tastes please, general music listening and running listening are two completely different ballgames… I may also have some Lady Gaga on my ipod right now too…


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