The Last Long Run of Training!

12 miles √! After two days in a row of attempting to get up early and run before work, I successfully got my butt out of bed this morning and got on the road by 8:00 (I’m not a morning person). The first 6 miles were great. I was a little worried about bumping into some Hood to Coast runners but they were nowhere to be found and the waterfront was really quite, and it was a beautiful morning.

A good morning to be rowing

Miles 7-9 weren’t so great. My muscles started to cramp and my knee started to hurt, which never happens. Somehow I have escaped playing soccer since I was 8 with no lasting knee damage so I was a bit surprised and concerned that it started hurting. Things got better around mile 9 1/2 and the last few miles were pretty good. I was even able to make it up the hill on 45th Ave without feeling like I was going to keel over!

Bad cell phone picture, but it's a big hill!

This run was much improved over my last long run, I was able to do 12 miles in just 2 minutes longer than I did 11 miles. Yay, improvement! I then rewarded myself with some biscuits and gravy which I should have gotten a picture of but I devoured them in record speed.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks until the race, can’t wait!


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