Less Than 12 Hours Until Race Time!

I’m in Chicago!

Love this beautiful city

The weather is a bit funky (read: quite humid) but the temperature is quite lovely. Much better than the 90ºF+ shenanigans Portland has been experiencing lately.

It was quite an early morning, the taxi picked us up at 4:15am at going to bed after 11:00pm but the flight was smooth and the Metra is awesome here.

Playing on the train

We wandered down to the expo to pick up my race packet.

Finally here!

My packet was retrieved by this fancy lady

Are tiaras in fashion?

Then it was off to lunch to load up on carbs.

Best big bro around

After we came back to Max’s apartment where I ran into my favorite comedy news quiz host.

Hey Carl Kasell, I would love to have your voice on my answering machine.
Maybe this will convince you?

There was a bit of a mix up with my race date so my CCA shirt unfortunately didn’t arrive before I left Portland, so this evening I made my own.

My low budget art skills

My mom wasn’t that into drawing, she was more excited to cuddle with Teddy.

Teddy missed Grandma

Now it’s time for more carbs and Doctor Who! Then early to bed because it’s another early morning tomorrow. I’m not sure if there’s live tracking available tomorrow but if there is my bib # is 13158. Wish me luck!


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