Since the half marathon is now over, I get to enjoy my vacation! I like to think that it’s well deserved after working my butt off at school since last September and then starting to work while classes were still in session, then working all summer. So don’t mind me while I hangout on the couch for a bit, I’m recharging for starting school in less than 2 weeks.

Teddy's been chilling with me on the couch.

Alright, I have done more than just sit on the couch since Sunday. On Tuesday my mom and I took the train down to St. Louis to visit family.

Everything here is normal, ok? Normal.
Honest Abe says it's normal.

We got awesome frozen custard at Ted Dewes, which apparently is an institution.

I got to see my great aunt and cousins, some of whom I’ve never met or seen in over 15 years.

My cousin Alana has some pretty awesome dogs.

It was great getting to see everyone, it’s been way too long! I also got to get some knitting done on the train.

Illinois is really flat, but it has awesome sunsets.

Today, back in Chicago, my mom and I went to the Museum of Surgical Science, and it was super cool.

It had just the right mixture of gore and interesting exhibits. I can’t wait to go into nursing.

I made it for a run today, only 2 miles because my knee starting hurting again. I think my body is falling apart, on top of my knee hurting my shoulder also hurts. Not my bad because-I’ve-broken-it-twice shoulder, no, now my good one hurts. I didn’t do anything to it, it has no good reason to be in pain! This of course hasn’t stopped me from looking at upcoming runs (this may be a start of an addiction).

Anyone know of a place I can trade in body parts for better ones? Or, more based in reality, anyone have any recommendations on how to recover from long runs?

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