Best and Worst of the Weekend

On the Dan Patrick Show every Monday they do their best and worst of the weekend, which is mostly sports related. I’ve decided to borrow (sample if you will, not steal, Dan).

Best of the weekend: getting to spend a lovely morning with Max and Amber before boarding the plane back to Portland.

How to be a true Chicagoan
Outside our brunch place

Worst of the weekend: being greeted in Portland by rainy weather. Really, fall already Portland?

I’ve been trying to give my knee some time to rest and heal from the mystery pain from the half marathon so today was just my second run since the race. I did wear my Chicago half marathon shirt and it felt awesome.

Well earned, even just for wearing it on the 1 mile run today

I also added my bib and medal to my wall o’ bling, which I hope expand greatly over time.


Speaking of expanding the wall ‘o bling, I’ve been obsessed with looking at local races for the fall. Right now I’m thinking of the Run Like Hell 10k (who doesn’t love to dress up in costume and run?), the Turkey Trot (what better way to make room for Thanksgiving dinner?), and the First Run/Twenty12 Resolution Run (what better way to ring in the New Year?).

Who’s running with me?!

Last but not least, a bonus best and worst for today.

Worst: kiddo being in the hospital again 😦

Best: curling up with her and reading Mother Goose rhymes until she fell asleep. Sweetest kid ever.


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