Getting Ready for a New Year

I didn’t really have a plan for how much running I would do after the Chicago half marathon, I thought I’d just listen to what my body wanted to do and go from there. Turns out, my body has decided that it wants nothing to do with running and everything to do with food. This has led me to feel a little lazy, so after an hour of internal struggle this morning I finally dragged myself out of the house for a very short (2.5 mi) run around the waterfront, bringing my total miles since the race to a whopping 5.5 mi. Boy was my body angry with me, I think it was quite possibly the hardest/slowest 2.5 miles I’ve ever done. Not cool body, not cool. I don’t even want to think about how angry it’s going to be tomorrow after playing soccer for the first time in about a month with possibly no subs…

I’ve also learned this week that I don’t do well with unstructured time. This was my one week before that I was in Portland and had next to nothing to do. What did I get done? Nothing. I still have a stack of thank you cards to write, a blanket to finish, errands to run, and a bus pass to buy. I think everyone else is not up to much as well. I volunteered in the ER yesterday and didn’t get to interact with any patients because there were no patients. Four hours and no patients! Great job, children of Portland, staying away from germs and sharp objects. I did get a flu shot from one of the nurses since there was so much downtime. It came with a free cup of tea, which only slightly makes the feeling of getting punched in the arm by the flu shot better.

I have started to employ some visualization tricks I used while training for half in preparation for school which starts Monday. I’m firmly planting the vision in my head of finishing this year with a trail of A’s in my wake. In order for that to happen I’m going to need to fuel myself properly, which is also something I learned while training. So today was the first step in that direction by making corn chowder.

Yay for crock pots!

Look! I’m cooking and I’ve yet to burn the house down or slice my hand open! It’s a good sign for a successful year.

I am trying to figure out how running will be present during the school year, so any student runners out there I would love some words of advice!

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