Best and Worst of the Weekend, and Proof

Best of the weekend: my mom getting to meet my kiddo and her family! My mom got one of the puppeteers from Tears of Joy, where she works, to put on a puppet show for some of the kids at CCA. It went really well, the kids seemed to enjoy it. My kiddo’s family, my mom, and I then went to lunch afterwards. It was so nice to have all these very important people in my life get to finally met each other after a year! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Second best of the weekend: Sped the soccer team winning our game against a team that threw a fit every time the whistle blew. Way to rock it everyone.

Worst of the weekend: the giant bruise I have on my knee cap from the Sped game and the guy who thought it would be ok to go through my knee to get to the ball and then throw a hissy fit when he got called for a foul. Dude, you were such a drama queen. Also, my hips/glutes/hamstrings were/are very, very sore. I’m a pretty active person, there’s no need for this soreness!

Proof: look, I really did cross the finish line in Chicago!!!

Don't I look like I'm having fun?

In the finishing chute some guy with a camera told me to hold up my medal so he could take a picture:

What medal?

Nice job, professional picture taker dude. Also, note to self, purple sharpie runs if you sweat on it. Guess that was a one time only shirt, good thing it was on sale, now it will proceed to hang on my wall for forever and ever!


3 thoughts on “Best and Worst of the Weekend, and Proof

  1. I love your whole blog! Congratulations on finishing the Chicago Half with such a good time. I am looking at 2:45 as my goal for the Portland Half. Still need to raise $300 in the next 4 days. Got any ideas?

    1. Thanks! I had the best luck with sending emails, a lot of emails. And then pestering everyone I know any time I saw them. When I sent the emails I made sure to put links to my fundraising page, CCA’s page, and my blog. Also, I was not above pulling at people’s heart strings by talking a lot about kids with cancer. Some may call it guilt tripping, I call it the road to success. Good luck!

      1. Thanks! Great ideas! I’ve been using facebook and twitter to blast people. I am definitely in the home stretch and I am getting a little anxious about the $ and the miles. Whatever happens, it’s been a blast. Thanks for the support. It’s nice to see someone very similar finish so successfully.

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