Major Running Fail

The title says it all, I’ve had quite the running failure. By that, I mean I haven’t been running at all. I’ve had it planned to run, had times and routes planned, but I haven’t managed anything since Wednesday, which was only a 2.5mi jaunt around the waterfront that was interrupted by some hail and a downpour (oh fall in Portland). With a 10k in 2 weeks, this isn’t good. I was hoping to get some inspiration from the people running the Portland Marathon and the Chicago Marathon today but instead it just made me fell even more lazy. Not to say I’ve been completely sedentary, I’ve swimming, doing Pilates (I LOVE Pilates), and playing soccer but there’s nothing better when training for a race than actually running (what a crazy concept…). So, the plan for this week is (I’m putting it on here so I feel accountable and can tell you a week from now how awesome I was at completing it all):

Monday: Pilates, run 5mi (2 waterfront loops)

Tuesday: swim 3/4-1mi

Wednesday: Pilates, run 2.5mi (one waterfront loop)

Thursday: swim 3/4-1mi

Friday: soccer game (at midnight, yuck)

Saturday or Sunday: run 5mi

Must do that so I can continue to eat like this:

Mmm, fried okra

Sound good? Ready, break!


One thought on “Major Running Fail

  1. You should run around in the coming days, we can run in rain circles and build a track in someone’s yard…you’d have excellent four-legged company. ::grin::

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