Umm… so… about that whole ‘here’s my workout schedule, I’m going to conquer it’ thing I talked about last post… well, I got sick on Monday and the only thing I’ve conquered this week is a box of tissues.


Here’s how the week went down:

Monday: Planned: Pilates, run 5mi (2 waterfront loops) Actual: Pilates, ran 1mi

Tuesday: Planned: swim 3/4-1mi Actual: swam 1/2mi

Wednesday: Planned: Pilates, run 2.5mi (one waterfront loop) Actual: sniffled my way through Pilates, no run

Thursday: Planned: swim 3/4-1mi Actual: slept until 11:00am, then napped from 1:00-3:00

Friday: Planned: soccer game (at midnight, yuck) Actual: heh, yeah right, I’ll be lucky if I’m still awake at 8:30pm

Saturday or Sunday: Plan: run 5mi In reality: priority goes to letting my lungs heal (my asthma is never happy when I get sick) and studying for my 2 midterms and a practical next week (that’s all before Wednesday)

So, yeah, not so successful. I also had to miss my shift at the Doernbecher ER, which makes me very grumpy but I’m guessing parents will appreciate me not coughing, sneezing, and getting snot all over their already sick or injured children. I will now accept offers to come nurse me back to health and/or bring me treats.

2 thoughts on “*Cough*

  1. I’ll make you some soup if you want. Just let me know. When you’re feeling better I’ll do a little running with you 😉

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