Best and Worst of the Weekend, and Run Like Hell

Best: Pumpkin bread pudding

Need I say more?

Worst: oh insomnia, I know we’ve been friends/enemies for most all of my 25 years of being alive but I’m really thinking it’s time to end our relationship. Letting me get less than 5 hours of sleep before a race is really not cool. We’re done.

Run Like Hell: Speaking of races, I ran the Run Like Hell 10k yesterday. Boy was it fun to roll out of bed less than an hour before the race, drive 5 minutes (thanks for being my chauffeur Jen!), run along roads I’ve run many times before, and then be able to go to breakfast at one of my favorite places. Yay for local races.

Running wise the race was pretty good for having run a total of 8 miles in the last month. Next time I sign up for a race someone please remind me to train for it. My goal was under an hour but ended up with 1:03:41, so not too bad. Maybe next time if I actually run a bit more before race day I’ll do a bit better…

Sprinting to the finish

I’m in the blue. That’s right, I wore my Chicago Half shirt. I earned that sucked and will wear it forever and ever.


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