Best and Worst, and a Halloween Fail

Best: by far my kiddo’s birthday party, she happens to be the cutest kid ever.

Worst: where to start… class on Friday night, class on Saturday (all for a one credit class called Interpersonal Violence in Youth and the Juvenile Justice System, a nice light topic for the weekend…), the 6 page page and 6 page take home exam for that class I need to write, the chem test today, the anatomy quiz tomorrow, and I can go on. What I’m trying to get at is that it’s a bit of a busy time right now. I was late to my soccer game yesterday because I was so into studying, the only reason I looked up was because my pen ran out of ink. I’ve also done no running what so ever since the 10k, which feels like forever ago. If only I could run and look at flash cards at the same time.

Halloween Fail:  did you know that the Fred Meyer’s one 39th Ave doesn’t have any costumes? Maybe they did earlier in the month but there were definitely none at 6:00pm. All I wanted was a pirate hat and sword, is that too much to ask for? I guess I’ll just save my costume for next year.


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