Team in Training and the Eugene Half Marathon

My friend Jen and I signed up for the Eugene Half Marathon with Team in Training!

See, we have the shirts to prove it.

We’ve signed up as a team, The Yellow Bungalow Brigade. The name comes from our nickname for Jen’s house, the Yellow Bungalow. The outside of Jen’s house is actually white but the living room is bright yellow, so it works.

I first learned about TnT back when I was a teenager and my soccer coach, Juli, did the Avia Wildflower Triathlon and a few of my teammates and my mom went to cheer her on. I didn’t quite get what TnT was, I just saw that everyone was yelling ‘GO TEAM’  to people wearing purple, which Juli was. Then for about 10 years I didn’t think about TnT, until this June when I signed up for the Chicago Half and wanted to raise money for a cause. The Children’s Cancer Association was the perfect choice for me for that race since I volunteer with them and since I wanted to do the training on my own. This time around I want to be part of a team that trains together and TnT is perfect for that.

The other thing I love about TnT is that it’s part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and raises money for LLS. Take a look at how much LLS had put into research for finding cures for leukemia and lymphoma here. Blood cancers suck, let’s find a cure!

The kick off party for TnT is next week and our first day of training is in a week and a half, and I couldn’t be more excited!


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