Best(s) and Worst of the Weekend, and the Coolest Marathon Recap

Bests: Jen and I met with Morgan from Team in Training to discuss fundraising ideas on Saturday and it was extremely productive. Our first event that we’ve already launched is the Yellow Bungalow Brigade Mini Marathon – Virtual Run/Walk! Check out the details, get your friends together, donate, and start the New Year off right. We also have a few other events planned for the coming months, some that might include free beer. That got your attention, didn’t it?!

With our first training run this Saturday and since winter is setting in here in Portland and will be sticking around until probably May, Jen and I went shopping for some winter running gear. First stop was Kohls, major success. Adidas shorts for $7.50? Yes please.

The next stop was Next Adventure because I had a $40 Portland Perks coupon. What can you get at Next Adventure for $40? Smart Wool socks, ear muffs, gloves, and reflective strips with blinking lights so I can avoid getting run over while running in the dark since the sun sets around 4:30 these days. Watch out winter running, I’m coming at you with layers.

Maybe I'll pull a Joey and wear everything all at once.

Worst: I woke up Sunday morning to my roommate’s cat meowing incessantly. I finally figured out that she puked in her food dish. Now, I’ve seen some bloody, gross things while volunteering in the ER, but I’ve concluded that there’s nothing more disgusting than cat puke, or any mammal puke for that matter.

Awesome NYC marathon report: check the NYC race report from New York Times cartoonist Christoph Niemann, so creative and hilarious.

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