Best and Worst of the Weekend Birthday Style!

Yes Leslie, I know my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, settle down. I did do some birthday celebrating this weekend so it’s getting some love in this post!

Best: Jen and I went to our first TnT run of the season!

Jen finishing her run!
Do we look cold?

I had a great time meeting all the other fellow runners, coaches and mentors. The run was just a 2 mile loop near Grant Park so we got to look at all the beautiful houses while trying not to trip over the uneven sidewalks and piles of leaves. The runs may start a bit early for my liking but it’s much easier getting out of bed at that hour knowing you get to see an awesome group of people before, during, and after your run, and I’m certain it’s going to make getting long runs in much more enjoyable than when I was training by myself.

Worst: did you know that if you get the bartender to supply you with maraschino cherries all night that your puke will be pink? I may only get drunk on average once a year but when I do, I like to go all out.

The start of birthday celebrations! I have awesome friends.

Best roommate ever. John Hodgman isn't so bad either.
Anna being adorable, Chris being only slightly ok with the situation.
Nicole, the other birthday girl!
We make the transition from running clothes to going out clothes quite nicely.
Thanks for letting me sit on you Anna, sorry about running off with your shoes.

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