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Goals and Resolutions

I’m not normally one to make a list of resolutions and then follow through with them at New Years, mostly because I have an incredibly short attention span, but with all the blogs I read doing it, it seems like a fun thing to do (yeah, yeah, I’m a follower). Last year my one resolution was to run a half marathon, so woot! Mission accomplished. But maybe I should be a bit more adventurous. Plus, part of the reason I started this blog was to feel more accountable to running so I guess it’s the big girl thing to do. Face your fears, right? Anyway, here goes nothing.

Running goals:

* Run more– simple and to the point.

* Learn how to have successful long runs– seems a bit silly but here’s my problem, I grew up playing soccer, which means I can kick some ass at sprint workouts but have a hard time not shooting too fast out of the gate for the first couple miles and then hitting a giant wall of fatigue during long runs. 100 meters sprints with 100m recovery in between, no problem, love it, could do them forever. 10 miles without feeling like I’m going to die at mile 6, not so good.

* Figure out why my knee sometimes hurts during long runs– hopefully this will get better when I get new shoes, which brings me to my next goal.

* Get new shoes– this will actually (hopefully) be accomplished by the end of the weekend (yay for working over winter break and tomorrow being payday!). As much as I love my current pair of shoes, they are trail shoes, which isn’t so good since I run almost exclusively on pavement or the track.

* Beat my previous half marathon timeChicago was 2:24:56. If my knee decides to cooperate this shouldn’t be too difficult.

* Run 26.2– preferably with TnT. Portland Marathon I’m coming for you.

Team in Training goals:

* Raise a ginormous amount of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society– so that whole cancer thing can be a thing of the past. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Life goals:

* Get an A in all of my classes– 2 more quarters of pre-recs, it’s crunch time.

* Kick some GRE ass– also involved in this goal: study for the GREs, find out when the best time to take them is, find out where to take them, find a study partner (Petree, I’m looking at you), become a hermit that is a GRE study machine.

* Apply to nursing– also, narrow down the list of nursing schools that I’m going to apply to so I don’t spend $1000 on application fees without narrowing it down too much and then end up not getting in anywhere.

* Figure out what to do with the year in between finishing school and (fingers crossed) starting nursing school– who wants to hire me? I”m awesome at check listing.

* Get to know the nurses in the ER better– I was doing really well at this until about a month ago when everyone changed shifts and the current nurses aren’t as social with newbies. Why did my favorite CNA have to leave?!

Figure out how to get a good night of sleep– sounds simple, but I am a champion insomniac who has a habit of waking up every hour during the night, which probably leads to my extremely short attention spaSQUIRRLE! What were you saying?
* Befriend people who have blogs– that probably means commenting more on the blogs that I read. Damn, but I’m so good at being shy and quiet.
* Eat better– I’m not the worst eater, the only fast food I eat is the once-every-few-months trip to Burgerville, I rarely drink soda, I hate coffee, and I’m pretty good about portion control, but I’ve been rocking the single life lately which means I hardly ever cook or have food in the house. It’s a bit tough on the wallet.
Hmm, 15 goals, is that too much? Not enough? Just perfect? Did I wander into a rendition of the Goldilocks? Ooh! Cookies!…


* I may be 26, but when I wear boots, especially ones with heels, I feel like a 6 year old playing dress up.

* I went to the grocery store last night for the first time in forever. I purchased a bag of Clementines, cream cheese, and a bottle of melatonin. I consider it a successful shopping trip.

* I’ve really settled into this bachelor life style. When my roommate isn’t home my general feeling towards pants is that they are optional. Sorry/you’re welcome, neighbors.

* A few years ago I bought a pair of cowboy boots as part of a Halloween costume. They then sat in my closet for a long time but lately I’ve been wearing them, a lot. They have rhinestones on them, they make me feel pretty.

* I can, and recently have, eaten a whole bag of Goldfish in one sitting.

* If I don’t have a half marathon I’m training for, my running shoes will just sit in the corner of shame and collect dust. I’d really love to be one of those people who wake up at the crack of dawn every morning and go for a run just for the heck of it, but I’m learning to accept that I’m not that girl.

* Sometimes when I’m running I start to sing along to whatever music I’m listening to (lately it’s been all Mayer Hawthorne) and then it’s super awkward when I run by people and realize I’m singing out loud and sort of dancing while running.

It was all going so well…

So, let me tell you about my weekend (yeah, I know it’s Saturday, it’s been a long week). Actually, let’s back up to a week ago Thursday, it was a very good day. Jen and I went on our first run at work.

Ready to rocket around the waterfront. Awesome photo credit to Nick. (Happy Nick?)

As you can see, we are posing next to a lovely display of homemade chocolates that are for sale.

Don't they look delicious? All proceeds to LLS

Special orders can be accommodated.

I’m pretty sure Friday was awesome as well; I just can’t for the life of me remember what I did. Maybe I’ve had one too many soccer balls to the head.

Saturday is where it really starts to get good.  Jen and I had our weekly Team in Training long run, that day meeting at Fit Right NW and having a hydration clinic before the run.

We look very serious, it probably lasted for about 10 seconds.

We talked about the importance of staying hydrated, replacing lost electrolytes, and what color your urine should be (a soft yellow). Then we headed out for a nice 4 mile loop that had us heading up a bit of a hill in the NW, then down to the Pearl and back around to Fit Right NW.  I felt pretty good while running and it was a personal distance record for Jen!

Then it was off to soccer with Sped, which goes down as a check in the win column, and I finally scored a goal after having a scoring drought for months. Double win!

After soccer it was time for our birthday/bowling fundraiser.

It was a great turn out and we raised $155! I also broke triple digits for both games, even if it was only 100 and 101, I’m counting it.

It was nothing compared to Janelle’s turkey, and Javier’s 5 strikes in a row, which we decided was called a turducken wrapped in bacon. Coincidentally, that’s what we had for Thanksgiving 2010.

After bowling we went to dinner, which was lovely and wonderful. Then WHAM!

It came out of nowhere.

It all took a very ugly turn. By the time I got home from dinner I wasn’t feeling so good, so I thought I’d lay down for a little bit. That lasted for about 10 minutes before I had to spend way more time with my face uncomfortably close to the toilet than I’m happy with. As I told my friend Gina the next day, I threw up sorority girl style, which how she described the first time I puked from alcohol while we were studying abroad in Paris. If you’re wondering what ‘throwing up sorority girl style means’, picture tears, and whining, and flailing about on the bathroom floor. In other words, it’s super cute (yes, that is my sarcastic voice I’m using). At one point I couldn’t make it from the bathroom to my bedroom, which is at most 15 feet, so I laid down in the hallway for about 5 minutes, and then had to crawl back to the bathroom. I then spent all of Sunday being dehydrated and having awful leg cramps. In fact, I felt so awful I only made it out of the bed to grab a bottle of Gatorade out of the fridge, I didn’t even ever make it to the couch.

While I was pathetically languishing in bed, Jen, Jacob, Lindsey, Megan, and Jeff went down to the Clackamas Town Center, stood on the street corner and somehow managed to raise over $500 between them. Bad ass.

I was feeling somewhat better by Monday so I went to work, though functioning on ½ of a bagel, some saltines, and Gatorade didn’t make for the most productive day. Jen and I did sort of go for a run at work, which consisted of running to the US Outdoor Store (about 7 blocks away) since we both had Groupons, then running back to the office when I realized I had left mine on my desk, running back to the store, then running over to the food carts so Jen could get lunch, then walking back to the office (can’t risk the food getting dropped when running). It came to a grand, impressive total of .76 miles. Meh, I got an adorable purple snow hat out of it, to me it was a great success.

So warm.

I’m sure you noticed the awesome I ❤ Sweat shirt because how could you not. I got it from this lovely girl Ali, who raised more than $20,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Simply amazing.  Thanks for making such great shirts Ali! I will proudly represent the sweat lovers on Portland.

Speaking of sweat, Tuesday at track night I decided to only do 4 400s instead of 6, which I think was a wise decision since I was wanting to actually be functioning on Wednesday. Look at me getting wiser in my old age; it’s kind of weird.

The rest of the week has flown by full of latkes and matzo balls (this Jew loves her some Hannukah food), old friends that are in town, and discovering Ticket to Ride on the iPad.

Double the menorahs = double the Jewish

I may be considering moving in with Sam and Anna so I can curl up on their amazingly comfortable couch with Sam’s iPad. I mean, I love you guys because you’re super cool fun… no seriously, I’m having TTR withdrawals… please come back soon…

Such a beautiful sight.

Since it’s Christmas Eve we didn’t have our usual TnT long run, instead Jen and I had planned to get some snow shoeing in on Mt. Hood. That plan was thwarted by the lack of not old and icy snow, even at Timberline Lodge. So instead we hung out in the lodge and ate a bunch, which is totally the same thing…


We’re definitely running tomorrow, otherwise I’m going to wake up on Monday 10 pounds heavier than I am today.

It just feels right to end this post with a sunset shot from the drive down Mt. Hood.

Acting Your Age is Overrated

A few years ago I was at the doctor’s office and the doc asked my how old I was. My answer: 22…I mean 23… well, soon to be 24… I swear I am who I say I am… *awkward silence*. I’m used to being on the younger side of my friends and classmates, with a late November birthday it was totally normal for me to be younger than people that were in the class below me in high school. Funny enough, as time goes on, I find myself more often than not being towards the middle or older side of things, which sometimes throws me for a loop. I think that’s mostly because I don’t *feel* like I’m in my mid 20s. I feel more like I’m still 16 and am trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, who I am, and how to act like a proper, responsible adult. Real adults probably don’t use their Macbook’s as dining room tables while eating half a PB&J sandwich that is made from the last edible piece of bread in the house and drinking on-the-verge-of-being-spoiled milk out of a paper cup because you haven’t gone real grocery shopping in over a month.

My $1,000 kitchen table that you can find at the Apple store

Real adults also probably don’t wear their bright orange running shirt (that was worn during a workout earlier in the day) to a nice restaurant on multiple occasions and throw a scarf over it to make it look like a normal shirt.

Or use their friends as lounge chairs in restaurants. Oops, Nike swish is visible, and I’m eating a lollipop, I promise I’m not 12 years old.

There are times when I feel much older than 26, most of those occur when I’m running and my hips start hurting. Or my knee starts hurting. Or a wake up the day after running and every joint creaks when I get out of bed. Or I’m sitting at my desk the day after a run and the tendinitis in my knee starts to hurt if my chair is at a certain angle.

I’m happy that my close group of friends seem to be also be in no rush to grow up, get married, and have kids. They’re also entertained with my shenanigans, such as when I daily throw a flirty smile at the bellman of a hotel near my work or audibly boo a restaurant when driving by it because an ex-boyfriend works there or get my white girl dance on to an endless loop of Mayer Hawthorne songs . These probably don’t fall under the ‘grown up’ category.

By now you’re probably wondering what on earth my point is. The average Team in Training participant is a 32 year old women who is college educated and makes $89,300 a year. While I am a woman who is working on that being college educated thing, I’m feeling a little behind. And holy crap, what jobs do TnT participants have that they average $89,000 a year?! I’ve been feeling some internal pressure to run fast since I’m younger, and while it gets my butt moving, it’s not the most mature way to get motivated.

Or maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

Or maybe I’m just over thinking it because I had that 1/2 pint of cider at that fundraising meeting this evening (I’m know, I’m a wild child).

Maybe I should just go to bed.

Best and Worst of the Frozen Weekend

Best: I may be culturally Jewish but that doesn’t mean I don’t love me a good Christmas tree.

Nicole’s house:

My house:

It’s always nice to have a roaring fire, even if it’s a DVD:

You can almost feel the warmth

Worst: It’s been freezing in Portland for a few weeks now, and it certainly doesn’t help when your favorite pajamas are falling apart with every move:


Fundraising/TnT Update: Jen and I made chocolates to sell this weekend:

Jen making chocolates!
The first batch of purple ribbons

A big thanks to Jen’s sister Amy for all her help and knowledge, we couldn’t have done it without her!

We’re also having our first event this Saturday, a bowling/birthday get together at AMF Lanes on SE Powell and 30th in Portland fron 4:30-7:30pm. Come out and support LLS and celebrate our birthdays! It’s $15 for 2 games and shoe rentals, and over half of that goes to our fundraising! What better way to spend your Saturday evening? And if you’re into getting hugged, we give great hugs


Hope to you Saturday!

Does this 7th layer of clothing make my butt look big?

I’ve never been much of a fashionista. As a kid I would wear leggings and then cut holes in the knees when I got bored (sorry mom, I totally wasn’t telling the truth when I said I fell and they ripped). In high school I would wear pajama pants, boxers, or I’d borrow my brother’s pants. Clearly I was the coolest kid in school. I also went through a phase a couple of years ago where I lost about 30 pounds but didn’t get new clothes, I looked like a little kid in big kid clothing. I did spend a semester abroad in Paris in college which helped me become disciplined enough to at least throw a pair of jeans on if I’m going out in public. In the last few years I’ve decided to put a tad bit of effort in to my appearance, if only to not be eternally confused for a 15 year old, but I’m not that good at taking chances with my wardrobe.

Except when it comes to running. I feel like it’s my chance to be silly and wear whatever I feel like wearing, even if technically it doesn’t match. Sadly I didn’t get a picture or it, but yesterday I wore a bright orange long sleeved shirt and purple shorts to the gym. You could spot me from a mile away. It’s also been effing cold in Portland for the last few weeks, so I’ve had to layer so items of clothing that maybe didn’t go together that well. Example A would be my outfit for my run tonight:

A purlpe shirt over an orange shirt with pink and grey shoes if totally in fashion, right?

I need to teach the cat how to take pictures.

Then there’s my Smart-Wool-socks-over-my-running-tights look:

In my defense, it keeps my calves and toes super warm.

I’ve also been known to wear shorts over my running tights, which is totally awesome, and somewhere I have a great picture of me in grey leggings, blue soccer shorts, and the brown top from the picture above but sadly I can’t find it right now. You’ll just have to trust me when I say I look ridiculously hot.

On a slightly different note, I guess I can be considered a real runner since I’m now the proud owner of this:

It's a foam roller, get your head out of the gutter.

For those who have never used a foam roller, it’s a bit like having a boyfriend who is mean to you but you’re stronger for gutting through the pain. Ok, so that’s an awful metaphor, just file a foam roller under Things That Hurt So Good.

On a final note, if eating a bag on M&M’s and a king sized Snickers bar for dessert is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Om nom nom

Catching Up

Sorry about the radio silence, full blame gets place on school and the fact that I have finals next week. Well, actually they’re both on Tuesday, one at 8:00am. Whoever made the schedule with 8:00am finals should be beaten over the head with my chemistry textbook.

Life had been moving at an unbelievably quick pace lately, now if only I could run that fast. We had our second TnT track work out. Again, no pictures, but this time only because I forgot to take some, not because it was pouring! In fact, besides a 2 minutes spurt of raindrops, most of the practice was dry! Afterwards, Jen and I joined our teammates at Suki’s Bar for happy hour. Suki’s is awesome, if our tab goes over $100, they donate almost everything over to LLS. Can’t think of a better reason to drink.

This Saturday we had our second long run as a group, for us half marathoners, we did a 3 mile loop starting at the Foot Traffic on NE Fremont. I had an ok run, not one to write home about. I’m looking forward to having a run (or soccer game) where I feel that I’m stronger and not exhausted, but I think that won’t happen until after finals. The best part of the morning was that the staff at Foot Traffic put on a shoe clinic for us.

Jen and me waiting fo our turns on the treadmill. Yes, I know my knee high socks over my running tights is such an awesome look.

They had you walk on the treadmill while taping it to see if you pronate or supinate.

I learned that ever so slightly pronate and after trying on a hand full of different shoes, decided that the Adidas pair was my favorite. When reading about running shoes, I hear a lot about Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and Minuzo but I always somehow find my way back to Adidas. I love Adidas, which I’m guessing comes from growing up playing soccer, but they are definitely my go to brand when it comes to athletic wear. Hopefully a shiny new pair of awesome shoes will be purchased soon.

On a non-running note, Mayer Hawthorne is my new obsession.

Source for the second photo

Jen, Nicole and I went to Kink’s Jingle Bell Jam where he opened for the Head and the Heart (who I love) and he and his band were awesome. Seriously, listen to this song, and tell me you couldn’t help but start dancing, it’s impossible.

I guess I should stop procrastinating now and get back to studying…belch…I mean, I love school…