Catching Up

Sorry about the radio silence, full blame gets place on school and the fact that I have finals next week. Well, actually they’re both on Tuesday, one at 8:00am. Whoever made the schedule with 8:00am finals should be beaten over the head with my chemistry textbook.

Life had been moving at an unbelievably quick pace lately, now if only I could run that fast. We had our second TnT track work out. Again, no pictures, but this time only because I forgot to take some, not because it was pouring! In fact, besides a 2 minutes spurt of raindrops, most of the practice was dry! Afterwards, Jen and I joined our teammates at Suki’s Bar for happy hour. Suki’s is awesome, if our tab goes over $100, they donate almost everything over to LLS. Can’t think of a better reason to drink.

This Saturday we had our second long run as a group, for us half marathoners, we did a 3 mile loop starting at the Foot Traffic on NE Fremont. I had an ok run, not one to write home about. I’m looking forward to having a run (or soccer game) where I feel that I’m stronger and not exhausted, but I think that won’t happen until after finals. The best part of the morning was that the staff at Foot Traffic put on a shoe clinic for us.

Jen and me waiting fo our turns on the treadmill. Yes, I know my knee high socks over my running tights is such an awesome look.

They had you walk on the treadmill while taping it to see if you pronate or supinate.

I learned that ever so slightly pronate and after trying on a hand full of different shoes, decided that the Adidas pair was my favorite. When reading about running shoes, I hear a lot about Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and Minuzo but I always somehow find my way back to Adidas. I love Adidas, which I’m guessing comes from growing up playing soccer, but they are definitely my go to brand when it comes to athletic wear. Hopefully a shiny new pair of awesome shoes will be purchased soon.

On a non-running note, Mayer Hawthorne is my new obsession.

Source for the second photo

Jen, Nicole and I went to Kink’s Jingle Bell Jam where he opened for the Head and the Heart (who I love) and he and his band were awesome. Seriously, listen to this song, and tell me you couldn’t help but start dancing, it’s impossible.

I guess I should stop procrastinating now and get back to studying…belch…I mean, I love school…


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