Does this 7th layer of clothing make my butt look big?

I’ve never been much of a fashionista. As a kid I would wear leggings and then cut holes in the knees when I got bored (sorry mom, I totally wasn’t telling the truth when I said I fell and they ripped). In high school I would wear pajama pants, boxers, or I’d borrow my brother’s pants. Clearly I was the coolest kid in school. I also went through a phase a couple of years ago where I lost about 30 pounds but didn’t get new clothes, I looked like a little kid in big kid clothing. I did spend a semester abroad in Paris in college which helped me become disciplined enough to at least throw a pair of jeans on if I’m going out in public. In the last few years I’ve decided to put a tad bit of effort in to my appearance, if only to not be eternally confused for a 15 year old, but I’m not that good at taking chances with my wardrobe.

Except when it comes to running. I feel like it’s my chance to be silly and wear whatever I feel like wearing, even if technically it doesn’t match. Sadly I didn’t get a picture or it, but yesterday I wore a bright orange long sleeved shirt and purple shorts to the gym. You could spot me from a mile away. It’s also been effing cold in Portland for the last few weeks, so I’ve had to layer so items of clothing that maybe didn’t go together that well. Example A would be my outfit for my run tonight:

A purlpe shirt over an orange shirt with pink and grey shoes if totally in fashion, right?

I need to teach the cat how to take pictures.

Then there’s my Smart-Wool-socks-over-my-running-tights look:

In my defense, it keeps my calves and toes super warm.

I’ve also been known to wear shorts over my running tights, which is totally awesome, and somewhere I have a great picture of me in grey leggings, blue soccer shorts, and the brown top from the picture above but sadly I can’t find it right now. You’ll just have to trust me when I say I look ridiculously hot.

On a slightly different note, I guess I can be considered a real runner since I’m now the proud owner of this:

It's a foam roller, get your head out of the gutter.

For those who have never used a foam roller, it’s a bit like having a boyfriend who is mean to you but you’re stronger for gutting through the pain. Ok, so that’s an awful metaphor, just file a foam roller under Things That Hurt So Good.

On a final note, if eating a bag on M&M’s and a king sized Snickers bar for dessert is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Om nom nom

6 thoughts on “Does this 7th layer of clothing make my butt look big?

  1. Hey Maddie! Found your blog VIA Facebook! I like your style and your new boyfriend 🙂 If I ever get back into running we should go for a run in PARIS!

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