Acting Your Age is Overrated

A few years ago I was at the doctor’s office and the doc asked my how old I was. My answer: 22…I mean 23… well, soon to be 24… I swear I am who I say I am… *awkward silence*. I’m used to being on the younger side of my friends and classmates, with a late November birthday it was totally normal for me to be younger than people that were in the class below me in high school. Funny enough, as time goes on, I find myself more often than not being towards the middle or older side of things, which sometimes throws me for a loop. I think that’s mostly because I don’t *feel* like I’m in my mid 20s. I feel more like I’m still 16 and am trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life, who I am, and how to act like a proper, responsible adult. Real adults probably don’t use their Macbook’s as dining room tables while eating half a PB&J sandwich that is made from the last edible piece of bread in the house and drinking on-the-verge-of-being-spoiled milk out of a paper cup because you haven’t gone real grocery shopping in over a month.

My $1,000 kitchen table that you can find at the Apple store

Real adults also probably don’t wear their bright orange running shirt (that was worn during a workout earlier in the day) to a nice restaurant on multiple occasions and throw a scarf over it to make it look like a normal shirt.

Or use their friends as lounge chairs in restaurants. Oops, Nike swish is visible, and I’m eating a lollipop, I promise I’m not 12 years old.

There are times when I feel much older than 26, most of those occur when I’m running and my hips start hurting. Or my knee starts hurting. Or a wake up the day after running and every joint creaks when I get out of bed. Or I’m sitting at my desk the day after a run and the tendinitis in my knee starts to hurt if my chair is at a certain angle.

I’m happy that my close group of friends seem to be also be in no rush to grow up, get married, and have kids. They’re also entertained with my shenanigans, such as when I daily throw a flirty smile at the bellman of a hotel near my work or audibly boo a restaurant when driving by it because an ex-boyfriend works there or get my white girl dance on to an endless loop of Mayer Hawthorne songs . These probably don’t fall under the ‘grown up’ category.

By now you’re probably wondering what on earth my point is. The average Team in Training participant is a 32 year old women who is college educated and makes $89,300 a year. While I am a woman who is working on that being college educated thing, I’m feeling a little behind. And holy crap, what jobs do TnT participants have that they average $89,000 a year?! I’ve been feeling some internal pressure to run fast since I’m younger, and while it gets my butt moving, it’s not the most mature way to get motivated.

Or maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis.

Or maybe I’m just over thinking it because I had that 1/2 pint of cider at that fundraising meeting this evening (I’m know, I’m a wild child).

Maybe I should just go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Acting Your Age is Overrated

  1. You know what I’m realizing? Age is age, it’s your body, but you’re older than 26 anyway because of a bunch of other factors AND all that matters is that you are happy. The rest? Well, if you don’t make $89,000 a year, I don’t mind. I don’t care if you don’t have a coffee table and I like that you lounge, eat lollipops and dress to make yourself comfortable. No judging self. It’s silly.

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