Goals and Resolutions

I’m not normally one to make a list of resolutions and then follow through with them at New Years, mostly because I have an incredibly short attention span, but with all the blogs I read doing it, it seems like a fun thing to do (yeah, yeah, I’m a follower). Last year my one resolution was to run a half marathon, so woot! Mission accomplished. But maybe I should be a bit more adventurous. Plus, part of the reason I started this blog was to feel more accountable to running so I guess it’s the big girl thing to do. Face your fears, right? Anyway, here goes nothing.

Running goals:

* Run more– simple and to the point.

* Learn how to have successful long runs– seems a bit silly but here’s my problem, I grew up playing soccer, which means I can kick some ass at sprint workouts but have a hard time not shooting too fast out of the gate for the first couple miles and then hitting a giant wall of fatigue during long runs. 100 meters sprints with 100m recovery in between, no problem, love it, could do them forever. 10 miles without feeling like I’m going to die at mile 6, not so good.

* Figure out why my knee sometimes hurts during long runs– hopefully this will get better when I get new shoes, which brings me to my next goal.

* Get new shoes– this will actually (hopefully) be accomplished by the end of the weekend (yay for working over winter break and tomorrow being payday!). As much as I love my current pair of shoes, they are trail shoes, which isn’t so good since I run almost exclusively on pavement or the track.

* Beat my previous half marathon timeChicago was 2:24:56. If my knee decides to cooperate this shouldn’t be too difficult.

* Run 26.2– preferably with TnT. Portland Marathon I’m coming for you.

Team in Training goals:

* Raise a ginormous amount of money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society– so that whole cancer thing can be a thing of the past. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Life goals:

* Get an A in all of my classes– 2 more quarters of pre-recs, it’s crunch time.

* Kick some GRE ass– also involved in this goal: study for the GREs, find out when the best time to take them is, find out where to take them, find a study partner (Petree, I’m looking at you), become a hermit that is a GRE study machine.

* Apply to nursing– also, narrow down the list of nursing schools that I’m going to apply to so I don’t spend $1000 on application fees without narrowing it down too much and then end up not getting in anywhere.

* Figure out what to do with the year in between finishing school and (fingers crossed) starting nursing school– who wants to hire me? I”m awesome at check listing.

* Get to know the nurses in the ER better– I was doing really well at this until about a month ago when everyone changed shifts and the current nurses aren’t as social with newbies. Why did my favorite CNA have to leave?!

Figure out how to get a good night of sleep– sounds simple, but I am a champion insomniac who has a habit of waking up every hour during the night, which probably leads to my extremely short attention spaSQUIRRLE! What were you saying?
* Befriend people who have blogs– that probably means commenting more on the blogs that I read. Damn, but I’m so good at being shy and quiet.
* Eat better– I’m not the worst eater, the only fast food I eat is the once-every-few-months trip to Burgerville, I rarely drink soda, I hate coffee, and I’m pretty good about portion control, but I’ve been rocking the single life lately which means I hardly ever cook or have food in the house. It’s a bit tough on the wallet.
Hmm, 15 goals, is that too much? Not enough? Just perfect? Did I wander into a rendition of the Goldilocks? Ooh! Cookies!…

3 thoughts on “Goals and Resolutions

    1. I’ve been trying that for a while since I’ve heard it takes a while to really work, but it’s not really doing it for me. It certainly makes me tired but it doesn’t keep me asleep. Hopefully soon I will see a sleep specialist.

  1. This is a great list! I recently developed a wake every hour sleep problem and had to start dosing myself. First, try melatonin. If you can fall asleep fine, but have trouble staying asleep, it’s the safest and easiest natural method. If you have trouble falling asleep, add tylenol pm and HELLO 8 hours! Also, Organics To You is a home delivery of fruits and veggies and it kinda forces you to eat new things. Check out the website http://www.organicstoyou.com. Good luck!

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