Confessions From the First 2 Weeks of School

* I got my teeth licked by Tundra. It was gross and unfortunate.

You should really ask first, Tundra.

* I’ve re-watched almost all of Parks and Rec, again. I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of homework…

* I made a box of brownies and then ate them out of a bowl.

Ben Wyatt is dismayed at my life choices.

* I went to a Pilates class for the first time since the beginning of December and the muscle that was the most sore was my digastric belly.

These are not the muscles I meant to work.

* I learned that you need to take your watch off before you take your shirt off, otherwise you will get stuck.


* I went to an Abs, Buns, and Thighs class and could barely walk afterwards. I swear I’m actually in pretty good shape.

* I’ve starting counting how many times one of my professors says ‘literally’ in class. I have 2 columns, one for the correct usage, one for the incorrect usage. It’s literally the most entertaining thing in that class.

On a different note, it snowed again in Portland last week.

Pretty times.

Then 8 hours later it melted.

Ugly times.

There were some snowmen that were really sad about it.

Sad times.

What do you have in store for me this week, week 3 of winter quarter?


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