Heart Breaker 5k

You know me, breaking hearts left and right.

Jen and I ran the Heart Breaker 5k this morning!

After running 8 miles yesterday and having a very busy weekend I didn’t have any lofty time goals. I just wanted to get somewhere near my time from the New Years Eve run which was 28:19. I also wanted to practice starting off a race at a sustainable pace and not go busting out of the gate at lightening speed just to die half way through (hello bad race plan for the First Run). On a fashion note, I wore the same outfit from New Years, the sparkly skirt, matching head band, and I ❤ sweat shirt which always gets a lot of comments from people.

I accomplished my goal of starting off not blazing a little too well, I passed the first mile marker and looked at my watch to see 10:20 staring back at me. A little too slow there turtle, time to pick up the pace. It didn’t help the the first mile and a half was all up hill but we’ve been doing a lot of hill runs with TnT so I should have pushed myself a bit more. I picked up the pace for the second mile, passing the mile marker in under 20 minutes (I don’t have one of those fancy GPS watches, I just use a stop watch. It’s nice here in the 19th century). My legs were pretty mad at this point that I was making them work at all but the rest of the race was down hill so I told them to f off and to get their act together because there was no way we were going to have this 5k take longer than 30 minutes. They somewhat listened, probably while cursing me, and I crossed the finish line at 28:56.

So, I guess, mission accomplished? I’m not sure how I feel about this race. It’s the first race I’ve ran where I didn’t cross the finish line with a giant smile on my face and then spend the rest of the day (or night in the First Run’s case) being ecstatic about it. I’m hoping it’s just because I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck thanks to soccer on Friday and the 8 miles yesterday. Maybe sleeping would help too. Oh sleep, how I wish I could be better at you.

After I finished I walked back to get a photo of Jen finishing.

She totally rocked it and beat her goal. Great job Jen!

I was happy to add another bib to my racing wall, I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along.

I then spent the rest of my day studying. I started at 12:00 and it’s now 9:15 and I’m still at it.

I live an exciting life.


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