2 Days To E Day!

I am officially dubbing Sunday “E Day”! I know, I’m soooooooo clever.

Hey, I’ve been on a lot of drugs this week, give me a break.

Speaking of drugs, welcome to day five (and the final day!) of Prednisone. Today has been full of depressed ‘roid rage. I grumpily popped up out of bed at 6:30am, 30 minutes before my alarm. I then spent some quality time poking around the digestive system of the cadaver at school before I had breakfast, which is totally how I should start every day (hello, sarcastic voice). Want to know how the digestive system works? Here’s how is all goes down.

Oh, that’s not correct? Damn. I may need to study more.

Breakfast afterwards was surprisingly delicious thanks to weird ability to block out cadaver images out of my head when I’m eating. The rest of the day has been pretty meh, the steroids sometimes make me feel very disconnected from the world, but I’ve also been reminded how awesome my friends are (love you A and Gina! You girls make my life complete). Speaking of Gina, she’s magically going to show up in my bed at some point to night and that makes me happy (get you head out of the gutter).

But anyway, back to Eugene. Tomorrow we have our last group run, just a two mile shake out run in Portland and then it’s off to Eugene! I’m getting really excited about picking my bib up, wandering the expo, getting to see some old friends, and going to the TnT Inspiration Dinner. Now I just need to figure out what to pack. Packing while on steroids is hard, I feel like punching my dresser. It’s going to be a long night.

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