Cupcakes and Ice Cream for a Cure!

What’s the best way to help find a cure for cancer? Eating cupcakes and ice cream! Alright, so maybe the scientists looking for a cure might argue that, but they have to get their funding somewhere, and here’s a good way you can contribute to that.

There will be cupcakes donated from Bliss Cupcakes, as well as homemade cupcakes and treats. There will be a raffle for some homemade pies and gift baskets, so even if you can’t attend you can participate in the raffle! I’ll put up another post with details about the raffle items so that you can choose which pot you want your tickets to go into. There will also be some hand crafted goods for sale (again, another post will have the details once I can take pictures of everything). So come hang out, eat some delicious treats, and help fight cancer! Bonus cool points is you wear purple.

P.S. 60 days until the Portland Marathon!

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