Raffle Prizes at Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Here are the deets on all the great raffle prizes and handmade crafts that will be available at Cupcakes and Ice Cream for cancer! There will be 3 gift baskets.

Wine and chocolate
A different version of wine and chocolate
I call this the Man Basket. Mmm, beer.

There will also be 3 desserts that will be raffled off, a Chocolate Lined Banana Cream, a Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Pie, and a Berry Cobbler. I don’t have pictures because they are being made by my awesome roommate Jenni fresh this week. Having been the happy recipient of many of her pies I can assure that they are going to be amazingly delicious.

For purchase there will be Healing Hats and Horses.

Thanks for being an awesome model Julio

The hats are hand knitted by my mom’s friend Judy.

The Healing Horses are handmade by my mom and have been given to our friends affect by cancer.

Raffle tickets are 1 for $5 and 3 for $10, Healing Hats and Horses are $25 each. If you can’t attend and still want in on the raffle you’re in luck! Just let me know which pot you want your raffle tickets to go into (each item will be raffled off individually) and if you win we’ll find a way to get it to you.

And as a special gift for reading this post, here’s an adorable picture of Bo.

Mid howl, so cute.



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