The Taper Crazies

4 days until the Portland Marathon! And it can’t get here soon enough. This whole tapering this is ridiculous. (For the non-runners out there, tapering is when you reduce your mileage in the weeks before the race so that your body can rest and repair itself for the big day.) In theory tapering is great, after spending so much time running endless amounts of miles it’s nice to get some type of break, but there’s also a dark side to tapering. Your body has a chance to slow down enough to find all the places that hurt, your brain suddenly has much more energy than it’s had in months and it goes into overdrive, mostly dwelling on every twinge or pain that your body feels. There’s also the extra free time that you don’t know what to do with and then all of a sudden everything you own is covered in puffy paint.


At least I will be hard to miss on race day.

So now it’s Wednesday and it can’t be Sunday soon enough, I just don’t have 4 days of puffy paint restraint in me.

Hide your stuff, you’ve been warned.

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