The Night Before The Marathon

Five months ago this happened


I signed up for my first full marathon. I was pretty excited, in fact I was down right giddy about it. After two half marathons I was ready to push myself harder and farther than I ever had before and of course I signed up with Team in Training because cancer sucks and I want to do everything I can to help fight for a cure. The last 5 months have been filled with early mornings, long miles, and more fun than I could have imagined. I can’t thank everyone involved in TnT enough for helping me through this journey, our wonderful coaches Heidi and Wendy, our amazing captains Laura and Mike, my wonderful mentor Skye, and all the other mentors who cheered us on. Even last season’s teammates have helped, they’ve been aid station volunteers and have come to fundraising events, coach Mike still let’s me come to him for advice. It’s true, once you’re part of the Team you’re always part of the Team.

I also could not have done it without everyone who donated to my fundraising. Whether it was $5 or $100, every dollar makes a difference in the search for a cure, towards helping a patient with a co-pay, in providing support and information to a newly diagnosed patient. My kiddo just finished over two years of treatment while another friend is half way through her treatment. We all have a connection to cancer and those connections are only going to grow as time goes on. We must do all that we can to fight.

So tomorrow I’m heading out on a 26.2 mile jaunt around Portland in honor of Astraea and Karly, and for every cancer patient, past, present and future. My one goal is to cross the finish line smiling.


1 thought on “The Night Before The Marathon

  1. Yay, Maddy! SOOOO excited for you! Have a great race tomorrow! Hope we get to run another event together someday. : )

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