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Long Time, No Rambling

Holy radio silence, Batman. Sorry about that. I have an unspoken goal of posting 1-2 times a week and I’ve definitely failed at that the last few weeks. But I have some excuses, some of which might actually be legitimate. The biggest one is finals, I had 3 finals in 24 hours and my kiddo had an appointment between the second and third finals, and you can bet your ass I was there for the whole appointment. So there was that, and dog sitting for a friend’s new puppy,

Oh Kiki, you're so adorable, except when you try to use my ankles as chew toys

and going to Seattle for spring break, and having a bunch of family in town for my grandma’s 90th birthday. Oh, and I had to defend the world from the zombie apocalypse.

Take that suckers

Turns out I’m a pretty good shot.

Anyway, here are some updates in bullet form, because bullets that are not aimed at living things are actually pretty fun.

* While it may not be getting warmer in Portland (damn you rain, I’m over you), it is getting lighter, which means we can now have track night in the sunlight.

* Kiki chewed through my computer cord in under 90 seconds.

* I ran 90 miles in March. By far an all time high and I can really feel how much my endurance has improved. My legs don’t kill me after doing my long runs like they used to. I only feel like I’ve been run over by a bicycle and not a semi.

* I ate way too much sugar, but what else is new?

* I ran in the rain, a lot.

This is a picture of me sopping wet, though I guess it's a bit hard to tell, but you get the idea

* I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends, which really makes my world better.

J'taime mon amie, even if you spent all night coughing

* I got to watch some of my teammates kick ass at Race for the Roses. Great job everyone!

* My family celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday.

In true Tobin fashion we played a lot of Scrabble and got in a game of mini golf, black light style.

Now it’s the first week of spring quarter and it’s back to grindstone. I’ve already started it off in true clumsy Maddy fashion by standing up into the corner of a locker door and getting a giant goose egg on top of my head. I tried to run at track night tonight but only made it through half the workout before my headache got too much to run through. Guess I need to rest the ole noggin. I hate taking unscheduled rest days.

26 days until Eugene!

Confessions from Leap Day

* I forgot about the leap day thing, instead, in my head, today was ‘don’t forget your calculator for the chem test, make sure to finish the lab report for chem lab, don’t forget your goggles, and find some time to google pictures of pig hearts for A&P lab’. In other words, it was just another regular ole Wednesday.

* Kiwis are 3 for a dollar at Fred Meyer, who could turn that down? I couldn’t. I also couldn’t resist eating all three of them at once. Now my tongue feels all tingly. Lesson learned, 2 kiwis=good, 3 kiwis=having a discussion with my roommate about hoping that my throat doesn’t close up. (It’s not going to, I’m fine, it’s just good to discuss these things)

* My roommate is more interested in taking me to the ER if I need to go than doing her homework. I feel the same way about doing mine.

* Kayden feels the same way about my homework as well.

Right after I took this picture he started licking the book. Now that page is all wrinkly.

* I wore my sparkly skirt to track night last night because I forgot to pack my running tights and all I had were my leggings that I was wearing under my dress. They wouldn’t have been that bad on their own but they’re a tad see through. File that as a win for the sparkly skirt.

* Passing guys on the track while wearing a butt load of sparkles feels pretty awesome.

* 60 days until Eugene! That’s not a confession but it’s pretty awesome.

* I took home a few of the balloons from the poker tournament this weekend and then left them in my car since I didn’t know what to do with them. Last night I realized that my 2 year old goddaughter would love them so I brought them to her when I went to babysit. She loved them. I’m not above bribing her for affection.

* I think I’m going to have to miss my kiddo’s next appointment and I’m quite depressed about it. I haven’t missed an appointment in over a year. Damn you finals week.

* At Freddy’s this evening I spent 15 minutes wandering around the athletic clothes section and didn’t even look towards the regular clothes section. Who am I these day?

* Quote from my teacher during our weekly visit, “no pressure, but I’m expecting you to get a 95% on the next test”. I just smiled and nodded but in my head I was screaming, “let’s back up to a month ago when I was sitting in your office crying after you graded my test in front of me? Remember how awkward that was for both of us? Do you really want to do that again?!” I think I may have a panic attack.

* I hate weeks that are so busy that I can’t make it to the gym. Maybe I’ll call this a cut back week… yeah… that sounds good. Damn you week 8 of school.

* My tongue is still tingly, maybe eating more chocolate will make it feel better. Chocolate makes everything better.

Best and Worst of the Frozen Weekend

Best: I may be culturally Jewish but that doesn’t mean I don’t love me a good Christmas tree.

Nicole’s house:

My house:

It’s always nice to have a roaring fire, even if it’s a DVD:

You can almost feel the warmth

Worst: It’s been freezing in Portland for a few weeks now, and it certainly doesn’t help when your favorite pajamas are falling apart with every move:


Fundraising/TnT Update: Jen and I made chocolates to sell this weekend:

Jen making chocolates!
The first batch of purple ribbons

A big thanks to Jen’s sister Amy for all her help and knowledge, we couldn’t have done it without her!

We’re also having our first event this Saturday, a bowling/birthday get together at AMF Lanes on SE Powell and 30th in Portland fron 4:30-7:30pm. Come out and support LLS and celebrate our birthdays! It’s $15 for 2 games and shoe rentals, and over half of that goes to our fundraising! What better way to spend your Saturday evening? And if you’re into getting hugged, we give great hugs


Hope to you Saturday!

Does this 7th layer of clothing make my butt look big?

I’ve never been much of a fashionista. As a kid I would wear leggings and then cut holes in the knees when I got bored (sorry mom, I totally wasn’t telling the truth when I said I fell and they ripped). In high school I would wear pajama pants, boxers, or I’d borrow my brother’s pants. Clearly I was the coolest kid in school. I also went through a phase a couple of years ago where I lost about 30 pounds but didn’t get new clothes, I looked like a little kid in big kid clothing. I did spend a semester abroad in Paris in college which helped me become disciplined enough to at least throw a pair of jeans on if I’m going out in public. In the last few years I’ve decided to put a tad bit of effort in to my appearance, if only to not be eternally confused for a 15 year old, but I’m not that good at taking chances with my wardrobe.

Except when it comes to running. I feel like it’s my chance to be silly and wear whatever I feel like wearing, even if technically it doesn’t match. Sadly I didn’t get a picture or it, but yesterday I wore a bright orange long sleeved shirt and purple shorts to the gym. You could spot me from a mile away. It’s also been effing cold in Portland for the last few weeks, so I’ve had to layer so items of clothing that maybe didn’t go together that well. Example A would be my outfit for my run tonight:

A purlpe shirt over an orange shirt with pink and grey shoes if totally in fashion, right?

I need to teach the cat how to take pictures.

Then there’s my Smart-Wool-socks-over-my-running-tights look:

In my defense, it keeps my calves and toes super warm.

I’ve also been known to wear shorts over my running tights, which is totally awesome, and somewhere I have a great picture of me in grey leggings, blue soccer shorts, and the brown top from the picture above but sadly I can’t find it right now. You’ll just have to trust me when I say I look ridiculously hot.

On a slightly different note, I guess I can be considered a real runner since I’m now the proud owner of this:

It's a foam roller, get your head out of the gutter.

For those who have never used a foam roller, it’s a bit like having a boyfriend who is mean to you but you’re stronger for gutting through the pain. Ok, so that’s an awful metaphor, just file a foam roller under Things That Hurt So Good.

On a final note, if eating a bag on M&M’s and a king sized Snickers bar for dessert is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Om nom nom