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Eugene Half Marathon Race Recap

We came.

We ran.

We ate.

We conquered Eugene.

Oh, that doesn’t count as a full recap? Fine, here are some a lot details.

The weekend kicked off with my lovely and wonderful bff Gina (who is such a good friend that she drove all the way down just to run with me and then drove all the way back to Seattle after the run) getting to my house Friday night and we proceeded to stay up way to late chatting, because that’s what girls do. Gina my have cursed me when my alarm went off at 7:00am but I made her come for the last TnT Saturday run, which was a short 2 mile shake out run.  Afterwards we packed all of our stuff, picked up my mom, and headed down to Eugene.

My coaches spent a lot of time telling us what not to do on the day before the race, which included spending a lot of time on our feet and exerting a lot of energy. Apparently my listening skills aren’t that good since we did both of those things. First we got lunch with our friend Joey.

Eating is a bit of contact sport in my world, it’s to be taken very seriously. Fortunately, Gina and Joey have similar feelings about it, which is probably why I’m such good friends with them.

Don't interrupt us, there's some important eating going on right now.
Alright, fine, we'll smile.
Eating is exhausting.

After lunch we went to the local and amazing ice cream place, Prince Pucklers.

It was delicious.

When I couldn’t finish mine I told Joey to hurry up with his so he could finish mine. His response was ‘I have 2 hands, what’s the problem?’

After dessert Gina and I went to visit our friend Erin and her gaggle of kids. Gina and I met when we were studying abroad in Paris, and Erin was my roommate there. It’s been years since we’ve seen Erin and it was wonderful to be able to catch up, even if we had limited time.

Then I put Joey in charge of babysitting Gina while my mom and I went to the Team in Training Inspiration dinner.

We heard from our awesome coaches, and were reminded why we run by our honored teammates. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love being part of Team in Training, but it really is a group of amazing people who put their heart and soul into running and raising money to find a cure for cancer.

My wonderful teammates and coaches.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to try to get everything ready,

Side note- I won that box of key lime bar mix at the expo by throwing a bean bag into a hole about 30 feet away. Boo yah.

and tried to get to bed early since our wake up call was a painful 4:45am, which came way too quickly.

Ready to race...?

The team gathered for one more group picture and then boarded the shuttle to the start line.

We got the start area with about 45 minutes until race time and had way too much nervous energy. Fortunately time moved quickly and after bag checking our stuff and navigating some crazy bathroom lines it was time to line up in our corral. My plan was to run with Gina and Kelley the whole way but Gina and I lost Kelley after our bathroom adventure so we started just the two of us.

While waiting in our corral someone tapped Gina on the shoulder and whispered ‘are you a Husky?’. Someone had noticed Gina’s University of Washington shorts. She quietly said yes, hoping any Duck fans didn’t hear. He then showed us a picture on his phone of him mooning the giant yellow O in front of the University of Oregon and said ‘me too’. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of school pride, all I could do was shake my head and laugh, while Gina thought it was awesome. And then the gun went off and we headed towards the starting line!

We saw my mom and Joey cheering for us a little bit after the start line and were excited to be running. We kept an eye out for Kelley hoping she started ahead of us and that we would catch her but it was crowded and there were a lot of people wearing purple. When Captain Kat started running with us around mile 1 we asked if Kelley had passed but Kat said she hadn’t seen her go by yet. Kat sent us on our way with some encouragement when Coach Julie, 8 months pregnant and all, jumped in to run with us for a bit. She checked in with us to make sure we were good, said she hadn’t seen Kelley either, and then sent us on our way. A few minutes later Coach Mike ran with us for a bit and sent us off with some high five. Around mile 3 Kelley and Jamie snuck up behind up and yelled ‘there you guys are!’. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see them. Kelley and I have done most of out long runs together, passing the miles talking about life, the universe, and everything in between and it just felt right to be running the race together. After we met up the miles started to fly by.

Jamie and Kelley sparkling.

Around mile 8 we saw a few of our Vancouver teammates that had driven down to cheer us on. Seeing them, and Cindy’s ‘go Maddy!’ sign, gave me a huge boost of energy and the smile on my face got even bigger. Thank you ladies, you are so wonderful!

A little bit after that there was the 1 hill of the race course. Captain Kat joined us for the first part of it, then Coach Julie run us up the middle part, and Coach Mike got us up the rest of the way. They were perfectly timed, I was so distracted with talking to them and telling them about the race so far that I didn’t even realize we were going up hill at all. And we got a bit of a photo shoot in.

Nice sparkles Coach Mike!

Coach Mike sent us off at the top of the hill yelling ‘you got this rockstars, kill it!’, and that’s just how I felt. We flew down the hill and right at the bottom just before the turn back through the University of Oregon campus we saw my mom and Joey cheering. They had also planned their cheering schedule perfectly and got breakfast (their second one of the day) at a place right on the race course.

Soon enough we passed mile 10 and headed away from campus towards the Willamette River. Things started to hurt a this point. My knee, which hasn’t hurt at all this season, started hurting like it did during the Chicago Half Marathon and periodically I had to stop and stretch my quad and rub my knee cap so that it would loosen up. Miles 10, 11, and 12 took us over a footbridge, along the river, and back over another foot bridge. We all starting to feel not so great, Gina’s knee was also bugging her and Kelley’s hamstring was getting tight. Kelley was afraid that if she slowed down that she wouldn’t be able to get going again so she went ahead. She rocked the last few miles and finished in 2:11. Gina hung with me while I stopped a couple more times for a few seconds and did her best to encourage me to keep running. Coach Julie ran with us for a few moments with about a 1/2 mile to go and when I told her that my knee hurt she told me that we were so close and to just hold on. We did and soon enough we saw my mom just before entering Hayward Field.

Then it was on to Hayward Field where the running legend Steve Prefontaine ran and where many a world recond has been set or broken.

Fortunately they don’t make you do a full lap around the track, just half a lap, you can see the finish line around the corner.

About 50 yards from the finish line I asked Gina if we were going to hold hands across the finish line. Her response was ‘of course!’. So we held hands, sprinted as much as we could and crossed the finish line, and then spent the next few minutes trying not to puke. It was a close call but after we both got some ice we started to feel better. They were handing out chocolate milk afterwards which I have decided is the best post run thing to have.

Our official time was 2:13:56, so the ‘under 2:15’ mission was accomplished! We quickly found Kelley and my mom and took the obligatory post race photos.

This race was such an amazing experience. It was so different compared to Chicago. Chicago will always be special to me, it was my first big race and my first half, but Eugene was a whole different world. Getting to run with people I love made it so much fun, and running with TnT brings it to a whole different level. I loved hearing random people yell ‘GO TEAM!’ to us and meeting people along the way that had either ran with TnT in the past or thanked us for being apart of it. Seeing our coaches and captains along the way that helped us achieve our goals brought a huge smile to my face, they are such amazing people. I can’t imagine doing another big race without being part of TnT.

Speaking of another race, I’ve signed up with TnT for the Portland Marathon. Yep, going for a full 26.2 this time. The countdown starts now, 160 days!

Running Out of a Funk

This title is a bit misleading since I didn’t go for a run at all this week. It’s been a really a long week, and while I could complain a lot about it (and boy do I want to), by the end of the week I felt like I was kicking some ass, so I feel like sharing the happier parts. So, without further ado, things that may or my not be related to running but in any case have made by life more enjoyable.

* Pre-run Doctor Who reference- Coach Mike made a two hearts reference during a route description and I may have yelled ‘time lord run!’ in response. Sometimes I think my teammates think I’m a little weird.

* Cupcakes- cupcakes make my really happy.

* Waffles- they’re amazing, both dinner and dessert style. I’m noticing a food theme.

* Crap on the internet- I’m not much of a cat person about cat stuff on the internet can be very entertaining, such as Doctor Who Cats and Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson. Speaking of Ron Swanson, Infinite Dancing Ron Swanson and I got our groove on this morning to get pumped for my 8 mile TnT long run.

* TnT long run you say?- We has our second week of doing 8 miles and while my legs felt like the were made of lead, my overall average mile time was 20 seconds faster than last week. Sweet.

* Teddy in a scarf- he’s super cute and I miss him.

* Reaching 100 volunteer hours in the Doernbecher ER since September. Bam.

* Getting close to $2,000 raised for LLS!

* Running a 5k tomorrow because I’m such a heart breaker.

Heart breaker out.

Galentine’s Day!

Happy Galentine’s Day!

(Disclaimer 1: I hate Valentine’s Day. Even when I’m dating someone I have a strict no gift policy. In fact, last year when I was in the ‘omg, it’s a new relationship and it’s awesome’ stage of a relationship I still instituted the no gift policy and I pulled a Liz Lemon; I purposely scheduled a dentist appointment for Feb. 14.)

(Disclaimer 2: Galentine’s Day was stolen borrowed from Parks and Recreation. If you haven’t watched the show, go do it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Good, now that you’ve watched all 3 1/2 seasons, you’ll know that Galentine’s Day is Leslie Knope’s way to celebrate her girl friends, and that she loves waffles. My friends Jenni, Anna and Katie decided to combine the 2 into one amazing evening.

We had a bit of a false start at the Pancake House, which may serve pancakes 24 hours a day but they only serve waffles on the weekend. So, after a little iphone searching,

iphones to the rescuse

we ended up at Jam on Hawthorne because this is on their menu.


We decided to Ron Swanson each waffle, i.e, each waffle had bacon in it. While it seemed like a great idea at the time, turns out, this is such a thing as too much bacon. I know, shocking. We decided to go all out and get 4 waffles to share, so this is what we went with.

And what they looked like.

Yeah, we did finish everything, plus a plate of sweet potato fries. I love having friends that love to eat. But more than that, I love how wonderful my friends are.

Ok, so the last picture was a little silly, but it’s not often I wear heals.

Life is better with great friends. And waffles may become a monthly event, at least one can hope.

Chicago! Cupcake Style

(Written on the plane ride home)

I love Chicago.

Hello my darling. (Chicago is in there somewhere, promise.)

I’ve been there 3 times now and each visit I love it a bit more. Perhaps it’s not Chicago specifically that I love, but just big cities in general. I loved living in Paris.

Aww, we were so young!

Just walking around Paris was fun for me, watching everything that was happening, all the people going about their everyday lives. It was enchanting. I get a bit of that in Chicago. Sitting on the L (I always want to call it the metro, thanks Paris), it’s fun to imagine where all the people are coming from or going to.

There’s also the fact that Chicago boys are better dressed that Portland boys. A nice pair of not ripped and dirty jeans and a button down shirt is a good look. Take note Portland hipster boys; you’re not very cute. Just sayin’.

Anywho, I was in Chicago for my brother’s fiancé’s bachelorette party. No, I did not spend the weekend getting shitfaced. We had a sleep over on Friday night, brunch Saturday morning at a restaurant called Brunch, and then hit the spa. I can’t think of a better way to do a bachelorette party.

We also went on a cupcake tour since Amber’s friend Angie has a cupcake catering business and wanted to check out how Chicago does cupcakes. We put about 7 places on our list.

First up was Phoebe’s Cupcakes.

The menu

We got a banana swirl and a bacon maple.

Sadly, they were not very good. We all ended up spitting out the frosting on the banana swirl, it was just gross. The cake part of the cupcake was ok, but nothing to write home about.  The bacon was the best part of the bacon maple, that’s not saying much, it’s hard to get bacon wrong.

The best thing about Phoebe’s was that there was a very cute store next door that was having a sale. I went into the store thinking I would just look around since I’m not in need of anything in particular, but walked out with a coat that I couldn’t live without.

Next up on the list was Molly’s.

Cute sign

Besides being super cute, Molly’s cupcakes were delicious and amazing. We got the peach cobbler and a peanut butter chocolate concoction.

So wonderful. If you’re ever in Chicago, make sure to swing by Molly’s.

At this point we were starting to feel pretty full of sugar. We decided to take a look at the third place on our list, Swirlz to see if anything looked enticing and then continue onto our fourth destination, Sweet Mandy B’s. Nothing looked too exciting at Swirlz’s and after trying one of the samples we decided to move on. Yep, we were those people who walked in and then walked out. Oops.

Sweet Mandy B’s looked pretty cute from the outside but once we got inside we weren’t tempted by and of the cupcakes. Not they looked bad, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to want to eat another full cupcake. So we ended up leaving and heading home thinking we hit the places still left on our list another day. Sadly it didn’t work out with any of the other places. Who doesn’t open on a Sunday?! I guess Angie and I will just have to come back to Chicago so we can finish the tour.

What did I learn from my first cupcake tour? That it’s a fabulous idea on paper, but in reality, it’s not that great. It’s way too much sugar, and this is coming from a person with a sweet tooth the size of Illinois. I’m thinking next time I’d get one cupcake from each place to go and then have people over so that I can try each cupcake but not feel like I have to eat all of them. But it was definitely a fun experience.

Oh, you want to know if I did some running in addition to eating my weight in sugar? Why yes I did! I did my 7-mile long run on Friday since I knew I wouldn’t have time on Sunday (I got into Chicago Thursday evening). I took off from my brother’s place and headed east towards Lake Michigan to the Lake Shore path.

The temperature wasn’t too bad, nothing colder than what we’ve had in Portland this winter but it’s definitely a different type of cold. It’s a cold that has sharp, dry teeth it likes to bite with. But it wasn’t too bad. I even found some elusive snow, elusive since Chicago has had a bit of a shortage this year.

This morning I got a 3 miler in that took me west from Max’s place through the campuses of Rush University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Both are schools I’ve considered applying to if Max and Amber stay in Chicago after Amber is done with law school so it was nice to get a glimpse of them.

Now I’m sadly on my way home and trying to cheer myself up by drinking ginger ale while listening to Mayer Hawthorne’s Henny and Gingerale. It’s the little things in life, people.

‘Well ok, feeling fine

Out of mind, out of sight’

It was all going so well…

So, let me tell you about my weekend (yeah, I know it’s Saturday, it’s been a long week). Actually, let’s back up to a week ago Thursday, it was a very good day. Jen and I went on our first run at work.

Ready to rocket around the waterfront. Awesome photo credit to Nick. (Happy Nick?)

As you can see, we are posing next to a lovely display of homemade chocolates that are for sale.

Don't they look delicious? All proceeds to LLS

Special orders can be accommodated.

I’m pretty sure Friday was awesome as well; I just can’t for the life of me remember what I did. Maybe I’ve had one too many soccer balls to the head.

Saturday is where it really starts to get good.  Jen and I had our weekly Team in Training long run, that day meeting at Fit Right NW and having a hydration clinic before the run.

We look very serious, it probably lasted for about 10 seconds.

We talked about the importance of staying hydrated, replacing lost electrolytes, and what color your urine should be (a soft yellow). Then we headed out for a nice 4 mile loop that had us heading up a bit of a hill in the NW, then down to the Pearl and back around to Fit Right NW.  I felt pretty good while running and it was a personal distance record for Jen!

Then it was off to soccer with Sped, which goes down as a check in the win column, and I finally scored a goal after having a scoring drought for months. Double win!

After soccer it was time for our birthday/bowling fundraiser.

It was a great turn out and we raised $155! I also broke triple digits for both games, even if it was only 100 and 101, I’m counting it.

It was nothing compared to Janelle’s turkey, and Javier’s 5 strikes in a row, which we decided was called a turducken wrapped in bacon. Coincidentally, that’s what we had for Thanksgiving 2010.

After bowling we went to dinner, which was lovely and wonderful. Then WHAM!

It came out of nowhere.

It all took a very ugly turn. By the time I got home from dinner I wasn’t feeling so good, so I thought I’d lay down for a little bit. That lasted for about 10 minutes before I had to spend way more time with my face uncomfortably close to the toilet than I’m happy with. As I told my friend Gina the next day, I threw up sorority girl style, which how she described the first time I puked from alcohol while we were studying abroad in Paris. If you’re wondering what ‘throwing up sorority girl style means’, picture tears, and whining, and flailing about on the bathroom floor. In other words, it’s super cute (yes, that is my sarcastic voice I’m using). At one point I couldn’t make it from the bathroom to my bedroom, which is at most 15 feet, so I laid down in the hallway for about 5 minutes, and then had to crawl back to the bathroom. I then spent all of Sunday being dehydrated and having awful leg cramps. In fact, I felt so awful I only made it out of the bed to grab a bottle of Gatorade out of the fridge, I didn’t even ever make it to the couch.

While I was pathetically languishing in bed, Jen, Jacob, Lindsey, Megan, and Jeff went down to the Clackamas Town Center, stood on the street corner and somehow managed to raise over $500 between them. Bad ass.

I was feeling somewhat better by Monday so I went to work, though functioning on ½ of a bagel, some saltines, and Gatorade didn’t make for the most productive day. Jen and I did sort of go for a run at work, which consisted of running to the US Outdoor Store (about 7 blocks away) since we both had Groupons, then running back to the office when I realized I had left mine on my desk, running back to the store, then running over to the food carts so Jen could get lunch, then walking back to the office (can’t risk the food getting dropped when running). It came to a grand, impressive total of .76 miles. Meh, I got an adorable purple snow hat out of it, to me it was a great success.

So warm.

I’m sure you noticed the awesome I ❤ Sweat shirt because how could you not. I got it from this lovely girl Ali, who raised more than $20,000 for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Simply amazing.  Thanks for making such great shirts Ali! I will proudly represent the sweat lovers on Portland.

Speaking of sweat, Tuesday at track night I decided to only do 4 400s instead of 6, which I think was a wise decision since I was wanting to actually be functioning on Wednesday. Look at me getting wiser in my old age; it’s kind of weird.

The rest of the week has flown by full of latkes and matzo balls (this Jew loves her some Hannukah food), old friends that are in town, and discovering Ticket to Ride on the iPad.

Double the menorahs = double the Jewish

I may be considering moving in with Sam and Anna so I can curl up on their amazingly comfortable couch with Sam’s iPad. I mean, I love you guys because you’re super cool fun… no seriously, I’m having TTR withdrawals… please come back soon…

Such a beautiful sight.

Since it’s Christmas Eve we didn’t have our usual TnT long run, instead Jen and I had planned to get some snow shoeing in on Mt. Hood. That plan was thwarted by the lack of not old and icy snow, even at Timberline Lodge. So instead we hung out in the lodge and ate a bunch, which is totally the same thing…


We’re definitely running tomorrow, otherwise I’m going to wake up on Monday 10 pounds heavier than I am today.

It just feels right to end this post with a sunset shot from the drive down Mt. Hood.


Yesterday was my birthday! I’m now officially closer to 30 than 20… not sure how I feel about. How does one celebrate their 26th birthday? Well, last post your read about my weekend celebration but that didn’t mean I didn’t get my celebration on yesterday as well.

First up was getting beer milkshakes with my friend Katie.

Because what’s better than lunch after spending quality time with the cadavers?

We then went to our Anatomy and Physiology lecture. That’s the first time I’ve ever gone to class after having a drink but I’m pretty sure the only thing my professor in that class would have been mad about was that we didn’t invite him along.

The next stop was a track workout with TnT. There are no picture however because it was pouring almost the entire time, and the lights at the track were out. That’s right, first track workout of the season was on my birthday, in the rain, and in the dark. It can only get better from here on out!

The last stop of the day was Fire on the Mountain for chicken wings.

The gang
Sabrina was pretty excited about it all. Also, notice the purple beads, I wore them alllllllllllll day. Everyone needs a little birthday bling.
Chris is, once again, not so sure about everything.

In all it was a pretty damn good birthday. Thanks everyone for the wonderful company, messages and calls! You made me feel very loved. I’m extremely excited to see what this year brings, hopefully at some point 26.2! Only seems fitting to do that during my 26th year.

Best and Worst of the Weekend, and Run Like Hell

Best: Pumpkin bread pudding

Need I say more?

Worst: oh insomnia, I know we’ve been friends/enemies for most all of my 25 years of being alive but I’m really thinking it’s time to end our relationship. Letting me get less than 5 hours of sleep before a race is really not cool. We’re done.

Run Like Hell: Speaking of races, I ran the Run Like Hell 10k yesterday. Boy was it fun to roll out of bed less than an hour before the race, drive 5 minutes (thanks for being my chauffeur Jen!), run along roads I’ve run many times before, and then be able to go to breakfast at one of my favorite places. Yay for local races.

Running wise the race was pretty good for having run a total of 8 miles in the last month. Next time I sign up for a race someone please remind me to train for it. My goal was under an hour but ended up with 1:03:41, so not too bad. Maybe next time if I actually run a bit more before race day I’ll do a bit better…

Sprinting to the finish

I’m in the blue. That’s right, I wore my Chicago Half shirt. I earned that sucked and will wear it forever and ever.

Major Running Fail

The title says it all, I’ve had quite the running failure. By that, I mean I haven’t been running at all. I’ve had it planned to run, had times and routes planned, but I haven’t managed anything since Wednesday, which was only a 2.5mi jaunt around the waterfront that was interrupted by some hail and a downpour (oh fall in Portland). With a 10k in 2 weeks, this isn’t good. I was hoping to get some inspiration from the people running the Portland Marathon and the Chicago Marathon today but instead it just made me fell even more lazy. Not to say I’ve been completely sedentary, I’ve swimming, doing Pilates (I LOVE Pilates), and playing soccer but there’s nothing better when training for a race than actually running (what a crazy concept…). So, the plan for this week is (I’m putting it on here so I feel accountable and can tell you a week from now how awesome I was at completing it all):

Monday: Pilates, run 5mi (2 waterfront loops)

Tuesday: swim 3/4-1mi

Wednesday: Pilates, run 2.5mi (one waterfront loop)

Thursday: swim 3/4-1mi

Friday: soccer game (at midnight, yuck)

Saturday or Sunday: run 5mi

Must do that so I can continue to eat like this:

Mmm, fried okra

Sound good? Ready, break!


Most people fell mentally sore their first week back to school in fall quarter but not me! Because of some credit craziness (long story) I’m taking 2 PE classes this quarter, Lap Swimming and Abs/Lower Body. Yesterday I did more squats and lunges than I could count and this morning I swam a mile.

This is the pool in the new PSU rec center, sadly my class is in the old rec center, which has 30 ft concrete walls and no windows.

Minus a couple of half assessed one off lap swim trips over the years, I haven’t really swam since in was a kid and was taking swimming lessons. It felt good! It especially helped my sore thigh and butt muscles from yesterday… until about 20 minutes after getting out of the pool, that is. Then I tried to go up a flight of stairs… I was a somewhat convinced that I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the top. I’m pretty sure I’m more sore today than I was after the half marathon! I then spent the rest of the day slowly shuffling around campus dragging my bag that had a chemistry book and a giant anatomy and physiology book in it. My muscles did not appreciate the extra weight.

The best meal to end a long day of incredible soreness? Fried okra and biscuits and gravy from The Delta! I took a picture of that amazingness that is fried okra but my camera is in the other room and my muscles refuse to let me get up, so I’ll leave it to your imagination. It’s going to be a long quarter…

Who has sure fire ways to combat incredibly sore muscles? Share your wisdom!

Getting Ready for a New Year

I didn’t really have a plan for how much running I would do after the Chicago half marathon, I thought I’d just listen to what my body wanted to do and go from there. Turns out, my body has decided that it wants nothing to do with running and everything to do with food. This has led me to feel a little lazy, so after an hour of internal struggle this morning I finally dragged myself out of the house for a very short (2.5 mi) run around the waterfront, bringing my total miles since the race to a whopping 5.5 mi. Boy was my body angry with me, I think it was quite possibly the hardest/slowest 2.5 miles I’ve ever done. Not cool body, not cool. I don’t even want to think about how angry it’s going to be tomorrow after playing soccer for the first time in about a month with possibly no subs…

I’ve also learned this week that I don’t do well with unstructured time. This was my one week before that I was in Portland and had next to nothing to do. What did I get done? Nothing. I still have a stack of thank you cards to write, a blanket to finish, errands to run, and a bus pass to buy. I think everyone else is not up to much as well. I volunteered in the ER yesterday and didn’t get to interact with any patients because there were no patients. Four hours and no patients! Great job, children of Portland, staying away from germs and sharp objects. I did get a flu shot from one of the nurses since there was so much downtime. It came with a free cup of tea, which only slightly makes the feeling of getting punched in the arm by the flu shot better.

I have started to employ some visualization tricks I used while training for half in preparation for school which starts Monday. I’m firmly planting the vision in my head of finishing this year with a trail of A’s in my wake. In order for that to happen I’m going to need to fuel myself properly, which is also something I learned while training. So today was the first step in that direction by making corn chowder.

Yay for crock pots!

Look! I’m cooking and I’ve yet to burn the house down or slice my hand open! It’s a good sign for a successful year.

I am trying to figure out how running will be present during the school year, so any student runners out there I would love some words of advice!