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Running Out of a Funk

This title is a bit misleading since I didn’t go for a run at all this week. It’s been a really a long week, and while I could complain a lot about it (and boy do I want to), by the end of the week I felt like I was kicking some ass, so I feel like sharing the happier parts. So, without further ado, things that may or my not be related to running but in any case have made by life more enjoyable.

* Pre-run Doctor Who reference- Coach Mike made a two hearts reference during a route description and I may have yelled ‘time lord run!’ in response. Sometimes I think my teammates think I’m a little weird.

* Cupcakes- cupcakes make my really happy.

* Waffles- they’re amazing, both dinner and dessert style. I’m noticing a food theme.

* Crap on the internet- I’m not much of a cat person about cat stuff on the internet can be very entertaining, such as Doctor Who Cats and Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson. Speaking of Ron Swanson, Infinite Dancing Ron Swanson and I got our groove on this morning to get pumped for my 8 mile TnT long run.

* TnT long run you say?- We has our second week of doing 8 miles and while my legs felt like the were made of lead, my overall average mile time was 20 seconds faster than last week. Sweet.

* Teddy in a scarf- he’s super cute and I miss him.

* Reaching 100 volunteer hours in the Doernbecher ER since September. Bam.

* Getting close to $2,000 raised for LLS!

* Running a 5k tomorrow because I’m such a heart breaker.

Heart breaker out.

Making Friends

I went and did a track workout with the Portland Triathlon Club today!

Photo courtesy of Portland Parks and Rec, I forgot to take my own picture

I have a goal for next year of doing a triathlon so I thought it would be good to make some tri friends. It’s been a few 8 years since I’ve done a track workout but I think it went well. I may have been the slowest one there but it felt good get my legs moving a bit faster than I normally do. It was a small group of people but they said some regulars did Ironman Canada this past weekend so hopefully next week there will be more people. Also, don’t be surprised if my mug ends up on their website, someone was there taking pictures and I somehow ended up in the group shot. I felt sort of like a party crasher!

On another high note, I ran 75 miles this month! This is by far a personal high.


I know there’s one more day in August but tomorrow evening I’m going to spend with my kiddo and that definitely takes precedent over running. And it’s way more fun.