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Confessions From the First 2 Weeks of School

* I got my teeth licked by Tundra. It was gross and unfortunate.

You should really ask first, Tundra.

* I’ve re-watched almost all of Parks and Rec, again. I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of homework…

* I made a box of brownies and then ate them out of a bowl.

Ben Wyatt is dismayed at my life choices.

* I went to a Pilates class for the first time since the beginning of December and the muscle that was the most sore was my digastric belly.

These are not the muscles I meant to work.

* I learned that you need to take your watch off before you take your shirt off, otherwise you will get stuck.


* I went to an Abs, Buns, and Thighs class and could barely walk afterwards. I swear I’m actually in pretty good shape.

* I’ve starting counting how many times one of my professors says ‘literally’ in class. I have 2 columns, one for the correct usage, one for the incorrect usage. It’s literally the most entertaining thing in that class.

On a different note, it snowed again in Portland last week.

Pretty times.

Then 8 hours later it melted.

Ugly times.

There were some snowmen that were really sad about it.

Sad times.

What do you have in store for me this week, week 3 of winter quarter?

I’m Still Here!

That sounds a bit like a threat but I mean it in the best way possible.

Holy busy first week of school, Batman. It’s definitely going to be a hectic 10 more weeks, but certainly doable. However, if you see me come midterms and finals and I’m pulling my hair out and being more snarky than usual, you have been warned.

Guess who made a triumphantly sweaty return to running?!

This girl! Who also can't seem to take a non-blurry picture of herself.

After the Great Foot Disaster of New Years I took a week off from running and then started slowly getting back into it. Last weekend I ran a mile on Saturday and walked 2.5 on Sunday. Monday Jen and I got a quick run in at work, Tuesday I got some hills in, Wednesday I gave it a rest, and then Thursday I was ready to get sweaty! (Ooh, that sounds like the start to an awesomely bad pop song.) I did 3 miles through Laurelhurst Park and by the end I was getting a good sweat on. Friday I didn’t play soccer, which was tough watching Sped pick apart the other team 12(ish)-0. I say ish because the ref stopped counting at 7. Did I mention how awesome Sped is? I think Chris put it best:

Note: the season is 8 games and you can get one bonus point a game if a girl scores a goal.

Saturday was a Team in Training long run, which for us half marathoners, was 6 miles.

Munching on some goodies at an aid station.

I woke up late for the run and was out of bagels so I resorted to eating peanut butter out of the jar, turns out that’s not really a good substitute for a bagel, which led to hitting a bit of a wall midway through the 6 miles. I also managed to get some giant blisters (running makes me super pretty) since this was my first long run in my new shoes which led to me wearing the ugly shoe for the rest of the day since to walk without the blisters hurting made my bastard 5th metatarsal hurt. Sometimes I feel like a walking disaster…

Look! New shoes!

Last week/this week Jen and I had our Mini Marathon and over $400 was raised! Thanks everyone for helping us fight that crappy cancer enemy, now enjoy a few pictures.

I’ve also survived the great Portland Snowpocalypse of 2012. Just look at this craziness!

The first flakes starting to fall around noon.
They're getting bigger!
Starting to stick.

OMG, 2 inches of snow! Clearly the world is ending.