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Running Out of a Funk

This title is a bit misleading since I didn’t go for a run at all this week. It’s been a really a long week, and while I could complain a lot about it (and boy do I want to), by the end of the week I felt like I was kicking some ass, so I feel like sharing the happier parts. So, without further ado, things that may or my not be related to running but in any case have made by life more enjoyable.

* Pre-run Doctor Who reference- Coach Mike made a two hearts reference during a route description and I may have yelled ‘time lord run!’ in response. Sometimes I think my teammates think I’m a little weird.

* Cupcakes- cupcakes make my really happy.

* Waffles- they’re amazing, both dinner and dessert style. I’m noticing a food theme.

* Crap on the internet- I’m not much of a cat person about cat stuff on the internet can be very entertaining, such as Doctor Who Cats and Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson. Speaking of Ron Swanson, Infinite Dancing Ron Swanson and I got our groove on this morning to get pumped for my 8 mile TnT long run.

* TnT long run you say?- We has our second week of doing 8 miles and while my legs felt like the were made of lead, my overall average mile time was 20 seconds faster than last week. Sweet.

* Teddy in a scarf- he’s super cute and I miss him.

* Reaching 100 volunteer hours in the Doernbecher ER since September. Bam.

* Getting close to $2,000 raised for LLS!

* Running a 5k tomorrow because I’m such a heart breaker.

Heart breaker out.

A Year Ago (From Yesterday)

I meant to post this yesterday but my internet decided to take a sick day.

Yesterday marked one year since I met my kiddo. I can’t believe it has been a year. I remember waiting in the lobby at Doernbecher trying to imagine what it was going to be like and then having it be nothing like anything I could imagine. I’ve watched my kiddo fight an awful disease that no one should ever have to deal with with such tenacity and grace that I could only ever hope to have. Having to face cancer when you’re too young to even understand what having cancer means is unimaginable and heartbreaking, yet every time I see her I’m filled with warmth and joy from her love of life. I’m continually amazed and impressed by the strength of her parents, their ability to keep their lives full of love and laughter is incredible. I feel so lucky to have met them and to have them in my life.

My kiddo’s birthday is next week, I’m making her a blanket that I hope she can use for years to come, and when she does, will feel the love that made it. Next weekend I’ll be at their house with my dancing shoes on and couldn’t be more excited about it.

Oh right, something about running. I went for a run today, first one in a while after somewhat getting over a cold. That was after swimming. My legs were a tad tired but man were those endorphins awesome. In a few weeks I’m going to go to a Team in Training information. Going to kick leukemia in its ass.

Best and Worst of the Weekend, and Proof

Best of the weekend: my mom getting to meet my kiddo and her family! My mom got one of the puppeteers from Tears of Joy, where she works, to put on a puppet show for some of the kids at CCA. It went really well, the kids seemed to enjoy it. My kiddo’s family, my mom, and I then went to lunch afterwards. It was so nice to have all these very important people in my life get to finally met each other after a year! Couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Second best of the weekend: Sped the soccer team winning our game against a team that threw a fit every time the whistle blew. Way to rock it everyone.

Worst of the weekend: the giant bruise I have on my knee cap from the Sped game and the guy who thought it would be ok to go through my knee to get to the ball and then throw a hissy fit when he got called for a foul. Dude, you were such a drama queen. Also, my hips/glutes/hamstrings were/are very, very sore. I’m a pretty active person, there’s no need for this soreness!

Proof: look, I really did cross the finish line in Chicago!!!

Don't I look like I'm having fun?

In the finishing chute some guy with a camera told me to hold up my medal so he could take a picture:

What medal?

Nice job, professional picture taker dude. Also, note to self, purple sharpie runs if you sweat on it. Guess that was a one time only shirt, good thing it was on sale, now it will proceed to hang on my wall for forever and ever!

Running Without Actually Running

Sometimes you don’t need to go for a run to feel like you’ve ran 10 miles, you can just spend 4 hours volunteering in the peds ER at Doernbecher and have it feel like your hardest workout for the week. The last 2 of my 3 training sessions were very quiet, kids were staying healthy and uninjured like champs. This evening was a whole different story. It was packed from the moment I got there and never let up. If this is anything like what it’s going to be like being a nurse, it’s going to be crazy and I’m going to LOVE it. It also meant that I got to ride the tram (or jelly bean as my mother calls it) at night for the first time.

The river
The floating hospital

It was quite the way to end my first week of school. Let’s just say it’s been a long week. Although I’ve gotten in multiple swim session and some Pilates and abs work in, there was no running to be had. Without a race to train for I’m not good about putting some miles on my feet. So yesterday I signed up for:

The Run Like Hell 10k!

Problem solved! Guess that means I’ll be out running again come Sunday, hope my feet are too angry with me!

Also, dressing up for the race is encouraged, anyone have any running friendly costume ideas?